Netflix new rating criteria for top 10 series and movies

Earlier, everything was based solely on viewing hours, i.e. watching the first two minutes of a series or movie in 28 days. The days have now changed to 91, and views are calculated by dividing the number of hours by the title’s total running time. Netflix, which is present in 190 countries around the world, has changed the evaluation criteria to define which series and which movies should be included in the global top 10 of the streaming service, which is present in 190 countries around the world.

Thus the first season of the series ended at the top of the English language series Wednesday ,Wednesday) Of Tim Burton, with new episodes coming soon, has been viewed over 252.1 million times. Season 4 of the hit series stranger thingsThe number one spot has slipped to the second spot with over 140.7 million, while the third spot with 94.8 million has slipped to the seventh spot. In the top 10 of non-English language series, South Korean continues to lead squid game With 265.20 million.

top ten english language films red notice2021 with action comedy Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson And Ryan Reynolds With 230.9 million views. In non-English language, Norwegian fantasy-horror stands out troll With 103 million.

In individual countries, the count is weekly. In Italy, from 12 to 18 June, she finished on the podium of the series. this world won’t make me bad Of void limestonealso present in fifth place with tear off the edges, second is teen comedy I never… and the sixth season in the third black Mirror, on the film side tylerrake 2 Together Chris Hemsworth beats science fiction memoir and turkish comedy Merv Cult,

On why these ratings changes were made, Netflix explains: “We understood from feedback that it was difficult to put into context the hours watched from only our Top 10 lists, so in recent months we’ve changed a good number of our titles Have started sharing ideas for.” (i.e. the number of hours watched divided by the total run time). This has proven to be the more recognizable metric for many. While we will continue to show hours watched by title, our top 10 listing will be sorted by views. We will be increasing the qualification time for our most popular listings from approximately one month (28 days) to three months (91 days) as many of our shows and movies evolve significantly over time.

While it is true that “there is no exact streaming metric, we believe views combined with total hours watched is a good development”. And there are three main reasons for this: The participation and satisfaction of the public using the platform in the world is fundamental, also because they “foster the loyalty that drives our business”. Changes were also made to ensure that “series with longer runs and a larger number of seasons do not have an advantage over others”. Finally, the new criteria “allow third parties to compare the impact of films and series, despite differing execution times”.

Netflix talks about consistency and transparency regarding what people watch and hear feedback, with the aim of “providing everyone (consumers, creators, analysts, and the press) with better information about what makes successful streaming more general.” How does it look from”.

Over time, the evaluation criteria will be changed again to establish the most viewed series and movies of all time, establishing even more precise parameters. Certainly a ranking can influence public opinion and lead it closer to viewing one product rather than another, which, with an increase in views, may result in a series being renewed for a new season or a movie sequel. There can be an emphasis on making. It’s all about algorithms.

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