Netflix offers you a free game based on one of the most famous series

Queen of Chess one of The most successful and famous Netflix showsbut just today it received a video game adaptation inspired by the series starring Anya Taylor-Joy.

Inspirednovel of the same namewhich you can find on Amazon out of curiosity, Queen of Chess it was a very favorite series that also helped launch Taylor-Joy in the eyes of the international community.

If you haven’t seen it on a streaming platform yet, here’s part of the synopsis:

“Growing up in a Kentucky orphanage in the late 1950s, young Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) discovers she has an incredible talent for chess while developing an addiction to the tranquilizers the state administered to children as sedatives. Plagued by her own demons and driven by a mixture of drugs and obsessions, Beth emerges as an eccentric, extremely skilled and glamorous figure determined to transcend the traditional boundaries of the predominantly male world of competitive chess.”

Recently Anya Taylor-Joy then he became a favorite of the gaming public I play Peach in the Super Mario moviea film that even changed her life.

And now Queen of Chess it also has its own free game, apparently distributed exclusively on a special section of Netflix and already available (you can download it here).

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Chess Queen’s Gambit At its core it is obviously a chess game with some interesting additions.

“Take chess lessons, solve puzzles and play games or compete with friends online”– reads the game description.

The game is a wonderful “declaration of love for the series.” for beginners and experts chess, which follows the exploits of Beth Harmon in the show of the same name.

Netflix is ​​apparently in a celebratory mood these days because the game just arrived a few days ago. Sonicalways free for now Sonic Prime The second season has already been released on the platform.

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