Netflix: OFFICIAL Confirmation for a Long-awaited Movie

Netflix extraction

Netflix produces a variety of movies and series around the world during this period, and some of them are highly anticipated by a variety of those who pay for its subscriptions. For them comes extremely good news at the moment, and this is because Extraction 2 has been officially confirmed by the star of the film, Chris Hemsworth, the picture below being proof that he is ready to start filming.

Netflix will have production for Extraction 2 started somewhere in over 6 weeks by the production company hired by the Americans to film the next film. Extraction is one of the most popular movies that Netflix has released so far, being in the top of the views generated from the accounts in the platform, so it was normal for an Extraction 2 to be produced for the company’s subscribers.

Netflix: OFFICIAL Confirmation for a Long-awaited Movie

Netflix made sure that Extraction ended without the main character of the film, played by Chris Hemsworth, dying, so that Extraction 2 will also have him in the lead role. With 99 million people watching Extraction on Netflix, it was clear that a sequel would follow, but so far absolutely nothing is known about the epic thread of the new film, so anything is possible when it comes to the story that we’ll see.

Netflix will release Extraction 2 sometime in 2022, no one knows for sure when, but if filming starts in December, it is clear that they will continue until 2022, so it will take a few more months for post production. In this idea, it remains to be seen whether we will learn from Chris Hemsworth, or other actors, which will bring Extraction 2 to everyone, but of course expectations are very high about this important new film.

Of course, Netflix has many other movies and series ready for release in the next period, so it remains to be seen what we will be able to enjoy.


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