Netflix: Postponed to 2024 release of six original films

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Netflix has delayed the release of six of its upcoming films until 2024. Several film and television projects are known to be delayed due to the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) strikes. As actors and writers fight for fair pay, many upcoming productions have been put on hold. This is also due to the fact that the stars are unable to promote the projects they have taken part in, which reduces their ability to reach a wider audience.

Six Netflix titles have been pushed back to 2024, according to Digital Spy. girl With Millie Bobby Brownoriginally planned for October 13. Other titles that have been shelved: family business With Zac Efron AND Nicole Kidman, Lift up With Kevin Hart, Players With Damon Wayans Jr. AND Gina Rodriguez, Shirley With queen king AND astronaut With Adam Sandler. It is not known if these delays are a reaction to the ongoing double strikes or if there are other explanations that have not yet been provided. However, new release dates for these films are currently unknown.

Whether or not these headlines are delayed by strikes, such a massive shift is astonishing for Netflix. Typically, a streaming service prepares content for months in advance, so even with disruptions such as strikes, it should have guarantees. This was demonstrated in 2020 when Netflix continued to release new games despite production shutdowns around the world during the first COVID-19 pandemic.

This important decision is therefore particularly surprising, but it does not mean that Netflix will have nothing more to offer until 2024. At the moment, many more original games are planned for the coming months, ranging from a spy thriller Heart of stone With Gal Gadot (scheduled for August 11) travel through Fall of the House of Usher From Mike Flanaganreboot Spy Kids: Armageddon AND Chicken Escape: Dawn of the Nuggets. Also Rebel Moon From Zack Snyder remains scheduled for 22 December. However, it remains to be seen how much more the situation could change if the strikes continue much longer.

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