Netflix shows the first preview of its live-action Resident Evil series

In case you’ve forgotten, Netflix is ​​also preparing its own production inspired by resident Evil and that will arrive in series format live action at some point in 2022. A first mini preview has just come out of this future series confirming the logo it will have and reliving past traumas bringing an old enemy.

In this teaser about the series of resident Evil it only shows us a cerberus walking threateningly towards the camera on a black background. The Cerberus He is a Doberman dog infected with the T virus and one of the first “fast” enemies we meet in PlayStation video games.

Although it does not give more information, we are struck by the font they chose for the series because far from wanting to show aggressiveness or make them look like a city warning, the letters remind us of a computer warning, to a cold warning about a vulnerability in the system.

The idea is consistent with the first synopsis of the new series of resident Evil Netflix dating from 2019, which said the following:

“The drama series will explore the dark inner workings of Umbrella Corporation and the new world order caused by the outbreak of the T virus.”

In addition to it, also it is known that the protagonists of the series would be nothing more and nothing less than daughters of Albert Wesker, Jade and Billie, who move to New Raccoon City sheltered by Umbrella Corp. Both characters do not exist in the official history of video games, so a story far from the original material is expected.

The lead writer for the series resident Evil Netflix’s Andrew Dabb who is best known for his work as series scriptwriter Supernatural by CW and for writing graphic novels like Ghosbusters: Legion, Atomika and Dungeon and dragons while as director of the chapters we find ourselves to Bronwen Hughes who has made chapters of The Walking Dead, 13 reasons why and Better Call Saul.


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