Netflix surrenders to competition and gives discounts to users up to 50%


The great platform of content, Netflix surrenders to the competition of streaming services that have emerged in the market so that offer discounts hsata 50% in order to win subscribers.

The service giant streaming you made this announcement after the hard-fought competition that exists after the emergence of several companies of video on demand (VOD),for this reason most users are looking for services that offer better content at a reasonable price.

So the platform, although it is one of the top of the list of the most important 140 million of subscribers throughout the world seek to grab the attention of more customers with attractive offers.

Where to apply these discounts?

According to a report Android Police, this initiative will be implemented in India, where the discounts were a significant amount, such a measure was first applied to the cell, subsequently subscriptions were implemented in the long term.

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Are three bids

Three months subscription with 20% discount, six months with a 30% discount and 12 months of Netflix with 50% discount, without doubt one of the most attractive.

Although it is estimated that possibly this will spread to other parts of the world, the company has not given more details on when it might be deployed this strategy, as it is mainly, this is a trial period in the indian market.

What is a fact, it is the content the popular app has been announced for the coming year.

Netflix ahead of the christmas and shared the premieres for the next 2020, it will be necessary to prepare with popcorn and a good chair to enjoy what comes.

It starts with the witch who fell to the new generation of adolescents, Kiernan Shipka returns to re-interpret “The hidden world of Sabrina: Part 3″.

Finally we will know what it is that holds for Sabrina and we hope not the last delivery, because despite the fact that in the series worship “the devil” all around the world put aside their fears and enjoyed the series and even made famous by certain memes.

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If you were a fan of american teenagers and the problems that had never been seen before in a series “S3x Education 2“it is perfect for you, but you should have seen the first season so you can take the thread of the series because, although it will keep the same idea of the first season Otis the main character ended up becoming the guru expert on “intimate relationships” of the school.

Another series that is looked forward to even though not directly as it is in vogue this type of productions: “Ghost stories“premieres the first of January.

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Dracula (coming Soon) Mini-series from the creators of Sherlock, inspired by the classic novel of Bram Stoker. With Claes Bang in the role of Dracula. The titans: Season 2 (10/1/2020), Grace and Frankie: Season 6 (15/1/2020), Messiah and The Circle is released on the first of January, AJ and the Queen (10/1/2020)

Anne with an E: final Season (3/1/2020), Hip-Hop Evolution: Season 4 (17/1/2020), The Ranch: final Season (24/1/2020, Luna Nera (31/1/2020).


Who to iron kill (15/1/2020), Diamonds in the rough (31/1/2020), Live two times (17/1/2020), All the freckles in the world (3/1/2020), Mamma mia!, Jurassic park, The supremacy Bourne, Jurassic Park III, and Jane Eyre to be released on the first of January 2020.

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Documentaries and special

Pandemic (22/1/2020), Cheerleading in action (8/1/2020), The Land of night (29/1/2020), Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty (21/1/2020).

Children and family

Kipo and the age of the magnimales (14/1/2020), Tut Tut Cory Fireballs (4/1/2020), Wow, what a friend! (13/1/2020), Double of love, Operation Gift and Inspector Gadget: Season 4 to be released the January 1, 2020.

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SAINT SEIYA: Knights of The Zodiac: Part II (23/1/2020), Scissor Seven (10/1/2020), NiNoKuni (16/1/2020), Cells at Work!: Season 1 and CODE GEASS: The resurrection of Lelouch being released on the 1st of January.