Netflix: The disturbing series not suitable for sensitive; ideal to see this November 10 | TRAILER

For more than a year, the crisis health service due to coronavirus arrived in Mexico, and since then, people have a greater interest in finding entertainment without leaving home.

It is under this panorama that, more frequently, people they ask what they can see on the streaming giant, Netflix, where you can find a wide variety of movies of various themes and genders.

However, the films within the playlists of the famous company of streming American are not its only attraction, since the series in Netflix they are becoming more and more relevant.

The series within Netflix

Since the arrival of the health crisis, persons have shown that under home isolation, a new opportunity has arisen to see series at home, this is because before work or school online, users spent less time at home and thus had less time to enter in series from the Netflix catalog.

For this reason, we have prepared a series that is hosted within the platform of red logo, Netflix, where various are constantly uploaded contents regarding film genres.

This is one of the darkest series on the platform. Photo: Special

One of the most viewed

It is about “The end of the fun *** in world”, a series that according to the review Specialized is one of the most striking on the platform due to its raw content and that addresses different topics, mainly juveniles.

“The end of the fun *** in world” is a series that is considered dark, bloody and disturbing, this because it is carried out by young people with thoughts murderous and dark.

In short, this production is billed as a dark comedy based on the novel chart by Charles S. Forsman, which was a hit in 2013.

What the series is about

This production follows the story of Charlie covell, who brings to the small screen the story of James, a young psychopath, who meets Alyssa, a rebellious teenager, who begin a road trip in search of the girl’s father. It has two seasons that you can enjoy in a single weekend week.

The American series portrays social issues but also about the sexuality and sexual preferences; couple relationships and love breaks.

Here we present the trailer of this production that is considered one of the hidden and dark jewels within the platform that began to provide streaming content since 2008.


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