Netflix, the first Italian talent show is coming: it will be dedicated to rap

Netflix Italia has decided to expand its range of content by creating a new unscripted, that is, not properly scripted, format that goes beyond TV series, documentaries or movies.

After the success of Summer Job, the platform has enthusiastically announced the arrival of the Italian adaptation of a famous talent show that has made its debut on Netflix in the United States.

Netflix actually produced the season of the first talent show produced by the streaming platform in 2019 rhythm + flowin which the judges were celebrities Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and Tip “T.I.” Harris, The latter was so popular that a French version was also adapted.

Italian edition, distributed in 2024, will be based on the same format as the original. More specifically, through an innovative show called New Scene Rhythm + Flow ItalyThree highly respected talent scouts, namely Fabbri Fibra, Giuliare and Rose Villain, will be traveling the cities of Rome, Milan and Naples in search of new talents to shine on the Italian rap scene.

In fact the main objective of these experts is to identify promising young artists who can be brought into the world of music.

New Star-Hunting Talent on the Rap Scene
Photo credit: Instagram @fabri_fibra

Consisting of eight engaging episodes, this inspiring production is produced by Fremantle and will be broadcast by Netflix by 2024, Representing an unprecedented opportunity for participants, the competition will be enriched by a substantial prize pool of 100,000 Euros.

Selected talents will face a series of exciting challenges that will test their skills Freestyling, rap challenges and creating original songs,

During these exciting rehearsals, three highly respected judges will be accompanied by well-known personalities from the Italian urban music scene, although their names have not been disclosed at the moment. The judgment of these experts will play a fundamental role in determining the outcome of the competition, which will have a significant impact on the path of the participants.

The Italian version of this special talent show created exclusively for the streaming platform First adaptation of Netflix original format Made in our country is coming from abroad. The script for Nuova Scene – Rhythm + Flow Italia was edited by a team of writers composed of Dino Clemente, Matteo Lenardon, Paola Papa, Antonio Vicareti, Chiara Guerra, Vincenzo Majorana and Marina Pagliari, while the direction is entrusted to Alessio Muzzi. .

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