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The streaming platform Netflix-this-is-the-new-South Korean-series-that-tells-you-how-and-when-you’re-going-to-die-20211120-0026.html “target =” _ blank “> update your catalog every month, every week are added new releases and users wonder what to watch on Netflix. In recent weeks, interest has grown in consuming short-term productions, which are Netflix-the-critics-acclaimed-miniseries-that-you-can-end-on-the-long-weekend-long-weekend-20211118 -0056.html “target =” _ blank “> ideal for those who have a limited time to rest at this time of year. In addition to the recent titles that joined the service such as Heading to hell (Hellbound) or the Netflix-terrifying-series-that-nobody-can-finish-watching-because-being-too-creepy-20211105-0025.html “target =” _ blank “> went unnoticed as Extinction or Ares, There are five series that have chapters of less than 20 minutes stop looking in an afternoon.

The long weekend comes to an end this Monday and what better way to crown this third day of rest with some Netflix short series to watch alone or with others. Some have less than ten chapters and others with two seasons.

Netflix short series

1. Bruno’s walks

The series has eight chapters that last between 11 and 20 minutes, and is a comedy recommended to watch while traveling on public transport or in the waiting room. This fiction follows the life of Malcom, a young man from the neighborhood of Bushwick, located in Brooklyn, who lives for his best friend: Bruno, an adorable dog.

Bruno is Malcom’s priority 1 and he will do everything to take care of him. This will cause you to clash with your neighbors who simply see the dog as a pet. Users of the streaming platform will be able to watch the comedy series in an hour and a half.

2. This shit beats me

It is an American youth drama production that follows the story of Sydney novak (Sophia lilis), a 17-year-old adolescent who faces the daily problems of her age and also has to deal with her incipient superpowers. The series is based on the graphic novel of the same name by Charles Forsman and was created by the producers of Stranger things.

This series has seven chapters that do not exceed 30 minutes, the longest lasting 28 and the shortest 19. The time required to watch it is two hours and 36 minutes.

3. Oats Studios

It is an anthological series that was created as a sequence of 10 short films that last between 4 and 26 minutes. In each delivery the director Neill Blomkamp recreate post-apocalyptic worlds and nightmare scenarios.

The terror and the Science fiction They are present in the series, in one of the installments the invasion of Earth by a group of extraterrestrial lizards is narrated and in another the desperation of a group of mining workers in the Arctic Circle when they are attacked by a creature. In one hour and 57 minutes, users will be able to watch this entire production.

4. The time I give you

The Spanish series The time that I give you It has 10 chapters that last 12 and 13 minutes. Users need two hours and seven minutes to finish viewing. The story revolves around Lina (Nadia from Santiago) and Nico (Alvaro Cervantes), a couple who fall in love from the moment they meet and live a long love story.

However, the central theme of the series is its breakup. Lina struggles to start a new life and think less about him every day. Each chapter shows how the relationship is breaking down.

5. Bonding

One of the latest series with short chapters is Bonding. It has a total of 15 chapters that is divided into two seasons with episodes that last between 11 and 21 minutes maximum. The estimated time to watch this production is four hours and 20 minutes.

The series tells how they meet Tiff and Pete, two friends in New York a few years after finishing high school, Ella complements her life as a psychology student with her nightclub job as a dominatrix. Pete with financial problems decides to accept his friend’s job proposal and joins her office, and without knowing everything that is behind the trade that his friend undertakes.

Bonding is one of Netflix’s short series.

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