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What’s trending on Netflix right now in Italy and around the world? In this weekly special issue you will find all the answers to your questions. In June 2023, Netflix changed the way they measure their top 10 movies. most popular original content. From now on, the Tuesday ratings published by Netflix will no longer only show the number of hours watched, but a figure corresponding to the number of hours watched divided by the length of the series or movie, and then offer what is determined to be real. “average number of views“. In addition, the popularity measurement of a movie or series will no longer be limited to the first 4 weeks, but will increase to three months or 91 days.

We ended up at the top of the ranking of the most watched series in Italy this weekend without any surprises. second part of the third season of The Witcherepisodes that finally say goodbye to Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. Starting from season 4 Liam Hemsworth play witcher. The series is obviously the most watched in the world this weekend. Runner-up for Spanish Miniseries with Anna Castillo Perfect Story which talks aboutMargo, who, after escaping on her wedding day, finds herself in complete disarray. However, little does she know that David and his magnificent confusion can help her find her way back.“. Back to top 3 Tailor thanks to the release of new series

fourth position for Bucky Hanma, the action anime returns with new episodes from the first season. Dropped to fifth place Too hot to holdand in the sixth position we find Advocate, a Netflix original series based on the Michael Connelly novel The List, starring Manuel Garcia-Rulfo. In its third week of airing, the series dropped to the second most watched English-language series on Netflix worldwide, with 4,600,000 views worldwide (equivalent to 19,400,000 hours watched). We remind you that the rest of the episodes of the second season will be released on August 3.

Seventh place for the third season Exit to the seadown to eighth position Magnolia color, which became the most watched English-language Netflix series last week with 4,600,000 views (39,500,000 hours watched). They are close How to become a cult leader AND Cesaroni.

We inform you that during the third week The Out-Laws – criminals in law still remains the most popular English-language film on the platform, while Bird box Barcelona is the most viewed non-English-language Netflix film in the world with 19,000,000 views, more than in its first week, though those numbers are nowhere near those of the film starring Sandra Bullock.

However, this week it Project X-thrust With Jackie Chan the most watched movie in the world.

Top 10 TV shows in the last 24 hours in Italy

  1. The Witcher (Netflix original)
  2. The Perfect Tale (Netflix Original)
  3. The Tailor (Netflix original)
  4. Baki Hanma (Netflix original)
  5. Too Hot to Handle It (Netflix original)
  6. Defense Attorney (Netflix Original)
  7. The Sea Outside: Season Three
  8. The Color of Magnolia (Netflix Original)
  9. How to Become a Cult Leader (Netflix Original)
  10. Cesaroni

Top 10 most watched movies in the last 24 hours in Italy

  1. Project X-thrust
  2. Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir: The Movie
  3. Paradise
  4. Happiness for Beginners (Netflix Original)
  5. Missing – The Lucy Blackman Case
  6. scream
  7. Shark – the first shark
  8. They cloned Tyrone (Netflix original)
  9. Outlaws (Netflix original)
  10. Bird Box in Barcelona (Netflix original)

Top 10 most watched series and movies in the US:

# TV show Movie
1 Witcher Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir: The Movie
2 magnolia color Hidden Strike
3 Too hot to hold Happiness for beginners
4 Bucky Hanma They cloned Tyrone
5 How to become a cult leader Puss in Boots: The Last Wish
6 Mark Normand: From Soup to Nuts Missing: The Lucy Blackman Case
7 Quarterbacks Outlaw
8 Suits Unknown: Space time machine
9 Advocate Police officer on probation
10 survival of the fattest Boss Baby

Here are the 10 most watched TV shows in the world on Netflix as of July 30, 2023:

netflix series rating

Here are the 10 most watched movies in the world on Netflix as of July 30, 2023:

netflix movie rating

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