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The success of Netflix It is not only explained with its premieres or original productions, such as the miniseries Netflix-Stay-near-the-addictive-miniseries-that-you-can-end-in-one-day-20220102-0019.html “target =” _ blank “>Stay close. Well, the streaming platform Netflix-the-spectacular-movie-that-happened-without-pain-or-glory-through-the-cinemas-and-now-is-furor-20211222-0038.html “target =” _ blank ” > Lately, he has stood out for resuscitating “films that were a resounding commercial failure when they were released on film or television: Amnesia, the 2018 film starring Silverter Stallone is a clear example.

Also known as Backtrace, its original title, this action tape seems to have found its audience since its arrival on Netflix, because quickly ranked among the most viewed in the catalog

The film currently ranks as the fifth title with the most views worldwide, but in several countries it has been ranked as the film most chosen by subscribers to enjoy during the weekend. In Argentina, it is currently in the ninth position of the top 10.

What is Amnesia about?

“When a patient with amnesia is brought out of his psychiatric confinement, they give him an experimental memory drug in hopes of recovering missing money”says his synopsis. But what sum makes the characters make such a drastic decision? Nothing more and nothing less than 20 million dollars.

The film had a limited release in theaters on December 14, 2018, since the big bet was the purchase on demand (PPV), but the result was not as expected: It only raised $ 1,206,146 against a budget of about $ 6 million.

In addition, the public was not the only one who did not accompany, since the film was poorly received by the specialized press. Noel murray The Los Angeles Times criticized the plot as unoriginal and familiar: “A movie that very quickly turns into another story about people with guns chasing other people with guns, through featureless forests and abandoned buildings.“.

However, Netflix’s audience seems to have given it a new opportunity and since it arrived on the platform – on January 2 – it has become one of the most viewed productions.

Sylvester Stallone heads the cast of Amnesia

The direction was in charge of Brian A. Miller and stars Sylvester Stallone as Detective Sykes. The cast is completed: Matthew modine as Donovan “Mac” MacDonald; Ryan guzman as Lucas MacDonald; Meadow Williams like Dr. Erin MacDonald; Christopher McDonald as Agent Franks and Colin Egglesfield like Detective Carter.


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