Netflix’s “Perfect Story” in Pordenone

PORDENONE – Come back pordenone law, from 13 to 17 September with 334 matches and 570 protagonists Italians and foreigners: the program of the 24th edition will be available online from August 4, day by day, on the main page of the website.

Pordenone readspromoted Legal Foundation of and created Gian Mario Villalta (artistic director), Alberto Garlini AND Valentina Gaspare characterized by its preview and news: I am 62 this year. Signed by international authors and authors who have chosen this year’s festival to present their new book.

Beginning with “gray bees“, a new novel Andrey Kurkovthe most famous literary voice of Ukraine of our time: it is he who will open the festival on Wednesday, September 13, at the Verdi Theater at 18:00.

Writer preview Eric Emmanuel Schmitt tellsChallenge of Jerusalem. Trip to the Holy Land (and/or with Libreria Editrice Vaticana), a monthly diary between Bethlehem, Nazareth, Galilee, Jerusalem, a real route between the doubts of reason and the discoveries of faith, supplemented unpublished letter from Pope Francis to the author.

New novels two best-selling authors, Viola Ardone which presentsGreat miracle(Einaudi), the gripping story of young Elba and Dr. Meravilla who will bring her back to life outside of the orphanage; and Spanish Elizabeth Benavente preview on pordenone law IsPerfect Story(Salani)the novel on which the current-day Netflix series is based.

At the festival preview again authors such as Paolo Di Paolo which presentsRomance without people(Feltrinelli)From Michael Marzano who signsI’m still waiting for someone to apologize to me(Rizzoli)From GYanni BiondilloWith “What We Are Not” (Guanda)From Mariolina Venicelaureate of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Literary Prize “History of Places and Times” with a long storycome backFrom Nino Kharatishvili Withmissing light(Marsilio).

For the first time, new books by journalists will also be presented at Pordenonelegge. Konrad Augiasin which life and apostolate are tracedPaul, the man who invented Christianity(Rye Books); AND Federico Rampiniwho gives voiceAfrican hope(Mondadori).

On the red thread of current events, Irish Sally Hayden submit your investigationAnd for the fourth time we drowned(Borlati Boringieri), on the path of death leading to the Mediterranean. Bye Cecilia Hall, publishFire. Generation report between Iran, Ukraine and Afghanistan(Mondadori).

Between international previews also american MichaelBible With The last beautiful thing on earth (Adelphi)and Vietnamese bestselling author Nguyen Phan Kuo Mai with a new novelWhere does the dust go(Northern editions).

While the writer Goncourt Prize Lydi Salver signatureConference(Prehistoric). Then Michael Bussy with new yellowThree lives, one week(and/or)Croatian writer Robert Perisic brings to the festival a colorful gallery of characters featured indlife’s ups and downs (Wandering storeand Romanian poet Ana Blandiana will be in pordenonelegge with the new collectionVariations on a given themeEdited Bruno Mazzoni.

There are many international authors and authors who chose Pordenonelegge for first italian presentation of their latest book: will be a bestseller R. J. Palacioauthor ‘Be surprised’with my latest novel, ‘Pony’ (joined). And it comes to the festival Emilia Hartinternational debut writer of the year: his wayward(Phase) conquered the publishing world, causing instant word of mouth.

There will also be Philip Forestwhich just came out I remain the king of my pains(Fandango)French writer Laurent Movignierwith his latest workBirthday(Feltrinelli) and Argentine author Alberto Mangelstudent of Borges who will tellDon Quixote and his ghosts(Sellerio).

Also at the festival Anil Seth is a British cognitive neuroscientist.: will illustrate his last essayHow the brain shapes our consciousness(Rafael Cortina). Also an academic Stephen Umbrella will be in pordeonelegge to say through it good items(Fandango)What is this Value-Sensitive Design that is, designing or planning for value in line with responsible and prudent innovation. First also for the author Erin Doomwho has chosen pordenonelegge as the only festival venue to talk about his latest novel, stigma(Salani).

Also at the festival italian previewswith the first presentation of the autobiography of the great master of photography Dante Spinotti what for Theseus ship signature “Dante Spinotti, A Life for Images. My cinema, one film at a time“. And there will be announcements of new books by the writer and playwright Luca Doninelli in bookstores for Bompiani with “Black Florentine“, mathematician Piergiorgio Odifreddi which arrives in pordenonelegge with “In small doses. Against the crisis of leaving mathematics(publisher Raffaello Cortina), philosopher Marcello Veneziani which presents “street of miracles(Rizzoli), writer of detective stories Piergiorgio Pulixi With “Starfish(Rizzoli), psychiatrist Vittorino Andreoli departure to Solferino with “Together we win. The power of cooperation in our lives“, art critic Luke Beatrice Marsilio’s signinglife. A provincial tale about Italian art“.

A journalist comes to the Festival with his news Tony Capuozzo which represents for the Image Library “Nobody else sings in the street“, psychologist Paul Legrenzi With “Everything is not what it seems. Because life is better than we imagine it(Solferino), journalist Francis DeFilippo flipping through a new novel”Trieste is an island. The first involuntary studies of Vincenzo Taliente(Castelvecchi), neuroscientist George Vallortigara Is “chick kant(Adelphi), author and journalist Christina Buttocletti in bookstores for Theseus’ ship with “epigenetics”, essayist and radio host Gabriella Karamor say ne”big age(Garzanti) like old age now is the time when everything is still possible, writer Antonio G. Bortoluzzi gifts for Marsilio”Vajont Welder”, and more previews with an economist and essayist Twin Alvi which he will leaf through with the public”i Virgil(Marsilio), sociologist Luca Ricolfi With “Merit Revolution” in the bookstore for Rizzoli, essayist and director of the IAI – Istituto Affari Internazionali Natalie Tocci with a new book for Solferino”From the tunnel. How Europe can overcome the great crisis“, popularizer and former “Angelo” from Pordenonelegge Max Crown outgoing for Vallardi with “People who think big“, journalist Odette Kopat Is “Minicosms. sentimental card(Image Library), journalist and writer Franco Fagiani at the festival withMulberry Company(Aboka).

There Poetry this is a festival within the festival, and a preview, in addition to collecting Ana Blandianaand here is the book Roberto GalaverneI, “current documents. Nine Lessons on the Meaning of Poetry‘ outgoing for Faziand 3 volumes of poetry Yellow gold necklace by pordenonelegge/Samuel editoresigned Mario De Santis (“Soluble bodies“), Martin Ruff (“Icarus screams in the creative sky”) of the Slovenian poetess Tina Volarich (“St.polyphonic silence – Večglasne tišine”). Plus 3 volumes yellow necklace with collections From Alexander Anil (“Land of Returns“), Vincent DellaMea: (“WITHsingle 2.0″), Joseph Nibali (“eukaryote“).

Offers for younger readers those of Piergiorgio Odifreddi for Mondadori Junior, “Because learning math is (not) impossible“, Bye Gerardo Colombo With Fabio Caon returns to the bookstore for Salani with “Who did it? How to become responsible citizens“. Blue D’Agostino With Jacopo Casiraghi signature for Junti”Ghost lights. Together from the dark“. New book also for Riccardo Gazzaniga in the Rizzoli bookstore with “What they don’t say. Stories about animals that teach us how to be human”, a series of animal stories to reflect on and learn from; bright, sensitive, dreamy boys, the main characters “red houses(Beaver) Suzanne Mattiangheli with drawings Rita Petruccioli; Joseph Fist Is “Night of the kites(Salani), e John Nucci tells “Rome. Myths and heroes(Salani).

Pordenone also reads new authors published in September: for example, a new work Emmanuel TreviWizard’s house(Ponte alle Grazie), author Natasha Solomons publish for Neri Pozza”Romeo and Rosalina“, an unexpected and intriguing reworking of Shakespeare’s iconic love story, Mauro Corona signature for Mondadori”swing”, a novel-monologue dedicated to their places. It’s still Tiziano Scarpa arrives at the festival withTruth and biro(Einaudi), a series of stories about characters and revealing moments of relationships with others, which, looking back, make people laugh, suffer and sometimes despair; Roberta Scorrano takes the reader on an art journey through women’s bodies with a book”This is what the body is for” at the bookstore Bompiani e Paul Repossi tells about the ancient craft of the winemaker, which is passed down from generation to generation, despite the vicissitudes of time and life in “The rite of spinning. Little vineyard discipline(edicycle).

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