Neumoflux, launched with sustainability in mind


Laboratorios Bagó launches its product NeumoFlux® on the market. This mucolytic and antioxidant ingredient is acetylcysteine, which helps dilute excess and/or thick bronchial secretions and promotes phlegm excretion, making it ideal for those aged 2 years and older suffering from respiratory congestive processes such as colds , colds and other diseases). Flu-like situation.

Laboratorios Bagó and representatives of local communities during the delivery of medical kits.

According to Cristina Loza, Consumer Business Unit Manager of Laboratorios Bagó, NeumoFlux® has 4 important differences: its speed; its efficient action; its 100% instant dissolution (pour the sachet with granules into a glass of water), and its pleasant orange color taste.

Due to its high effectiveness, NeumoFlux® can also be used as supportive treatment in acute and chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema and atelectasis (subject to medical evaluation). Citizens can find it in the country’s main pharmacy chains, in 2 competitively priced products: Neumoflux® Box of 30 sachets of 200 mg each for $17.10 (i.e. a value of $0.57 per sachet); Neumoflux® Box Available in 30 bags of 600 mg each for $29.00 (which means each bag sells for $0.97).

The launch of Neumoflux® takes place in the Ecuadorian Amazon, considered the lungs of the earth. This place was chosen because it connects humans to their most basic function: breathing. In Yasuni, doctors and assistants learned firsthand the importance of protecting this natural ecosystem, living with local communities and buying their handicrafts, thus contributing to their economic and social development; in addition, they There is an opportunity to deliver around 100 health kits to the community.

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