Neuquén’s 2022 rate must be approved

On December 9, the Deliberative Council will vote on the approval of the tariff ordinance for 2022, which this year did not achieve the immediate political consensus that the budget had, sanctioned on December 2.
Both instruments are approved or objected together, because the tariff ordinance provides for annual revenues for the city that are registered in the annual fiscal year. The main objection to the tariff was related to the value that the National Automotive Registry (DNRA) assigned to the cars.

Although the municipality of Neuquén did not increase the aliquota (it is 2.5 of the value of the vehicle), the councilors of Together for Change maintained that the reference value of the DNRA will raise the patent tax by more than 60 or 70%.

The municipal government indicated that on average, municipal rates will not exceed a 46% increase, a figure lower than the inflation calculated for next year and they defended that the same rate was maintained and that the variable of the value of the vehicle is not a spring of the commune.
The opposition of Cambiemos sought a payment cap and this was rejected.

As a bargaining chip to achieve a favorable dispatch of the tariff ordinance, it was announced that Before the advance payment of the patent (semiannual), an additional 30% would be applied to the 10% discount that is already granted.
The bonus in the payment of the patent fee will work for vehicles of up to 4 million pesos.

The requirement that the calculation of the aliquot in 2022 for the new value of the car must also exceed by 50% what the taxpayer had been paying as a fee this year.

The tariff ordinance cannot be rejected if they approve the budget, because it is the basis for calculating income for next year, otherwise spending must also be redesigned to achieve a balance of income and expenses for 2022 ”, complained the commune’s Finance Secretary, Fernando Schpoliansky.

Three informative visits, explanatory in virtual commissions and some tours of the block in person, gave a favorable dispatch to the tariff ordinance after that additional 30% discount for prepayment of the semester was established for cars with a value less than 4 million pesos.

Prepayment discounts

• 10% discount for advance payment of the first semester in the case of all municipal taxes in the city of Neuquén.
• 5% special bonus for the payment of advanced commercial license for the second semester.
• An additional 5% for the commercial sector per compliant client who has their taxes up to date.
• 10% patent discount to the taxpayer for prepayment of the semester
• 30% additional discount on the payment of the patent in advance in vehicles of up to 4 million pesos (according to the National Directorate of Automotive Property Registry) and that the rate was more than 50% than the previous year.
• Bonus in the payment of business licenses for the incorporation of employees registered in the municipality’s job bank. The benefit of new employment is quadrupled in case of taking people with disabilities, heads of household or trans people.
• Retirees. Exemption of remuneration for those who collect the retirement or minimum pension.

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