“Never going to decree a state of siege in the city”: Claudia Sheinbaum presented a kit against the coronavirus that is dealt in CDMX


The head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, presented a program of support for people with Covid-19 and their families to stay at home, for which they will deliver a kit against the coronavirus to those who reported via SMS to have symptoms of coronavirus Covid-19 and who are isolated in their home.

Among the measures that the president announced, ruled out the possibility to enact status of site in the city, which would prohibit the the free movement of citizens for reasons of security.

“Never going to decree a state of siege, that’s for sure. We live in a democracy and we believe in the people. Measures are taken that aim to reduce certain turns commercial, and we’re going to do other measures from Tuesday”, he explained.

In addition, he explained that is maintained in coordination and communication with institutions as the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE), Pemex, SEDENA, Marina, and with the government of the State of Mexico to provide coverage, follow-up and establish joint actions to combat the coronavirus.

It is for this reason that as part of the strengthening the program that activated a few days ago messages SMS to follow up and track possible cases of infection, from the beginning of next week will implement 123 brigades, which will be shaped by the policies that already exist in the Secretariat of Health and brigades of citizen participation voluntary, in order to be able to hand out a medical kit of support for people who show symptoms and remain at home.

This kit consists of a thermometer, antibacterial gel, antiseptic soap, endowment covers mouths for 14 days, and recommendations for the care of older adults.

Also, inside the kit comes a instructional that has to do with general measures of isolation and a set of directions for the patient with symptoms, such as washing hands, hygiene is enhanced and the cleaning of common areas of the home.

30% of the infections are occurring in the homes. This idea joint is precisely not nothing more to break the chain of transmission in the public transport, but also with our loved ones at home,” said Mauricio Hernandez Avila, director of Economic Benefits and Social IMSS.

In that sense, the secretariat of health of Mexico City, Olivia Lopez Arellano, mentioned that what we are proposing, in addition to measures for a healthy distance, is a social solidarity. “This kit expresses that. The people who are in their homes are not alone, we are supporting them, but they have to also have a compromiso of staying at home, follow a series of instructions and support to the family and the community to reduce infections”.

Similarly, the head of government noted that on Monday you will have a meeting with the Technical Committee of Health of the City of Mexico to be able to outline a new series of measures of health alert.

Finally, he stressed his support presented in recent days to families of children enrolled in public schools or in centers of multiple attention of the level pre-primary, primary and secondary. This aid represents grant of 500 pesos for a boy or girl from abril, that is to say, if a family has two children enrolled in the school, together they will receive 1000 pesos.

With this it is expected that close 1 million 200 thousand children will have support for their families during the contingency by Covid-19.

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