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When we see these insects in our home, the first reaction is to be shocked and try to run away from this disgusting animal as much as possible, however, once inside the house, the irreversible action must be to exterminate it, although this is not a easy job.

Often, the bravest person in the family is tasked with killing the cockroach he finds, even if the first instinct is to crush it with his feet or with the help of a powerful weapon (broom). . In fact, biology has endowed these critters with deliberate speed that allows them to quickly escape each attack, and likewise, they have a hard ornament called a shell or exoskeleton that allows them to escape unscathed every time they are crushed Escape without injury; cockroaches have been determined to withstand pressure 900 times their body mass.

So while squashing them is instinctive and might seem like the best way to get rid of these insects from your home, it’s not actually recommended. First of all, requires movement to have real deliberate power to kill them when crushing them, or multiple attempts to do so as their hard exoskeleton protects them well, although it looks like we’re able to execute They, actually they can survive, they can escape once they throw themselves in the trash.

In addition, when cockroaches are crushed, their exoskeleton and secretions release substances that are allergenic to humans and cause allergic reactions, such as rhinitis and/or conjunctivitis, in children and adults when spread in households. Another problem that can also occur when stepping on them, especially in low feeding conditions, is that once one of the animals dies, it can be considered food for the other cockroaches as they feed on decomposing organic matter.

In the same sense, faced with the severe plague of these animals, it is thought that when they are crushed, they release certain substances to scare away other cockroaches, thus avoiding their easy detection. In this light, the truth is that the best way to eradicate them is to keep them out of our homes.

In order to achieve this, the most important thing is to always keep the house tidy, especially where food is consumed or prepared, such as the kitchen or dining room. As such, it is advisable to clean these areas after each meal, including floors, tables and stoves, and store food or residues that these insects come into contact with, so as not to attract them as they find abundant food sources in the home.

Likewise, it is recommended to avoid leaving food leftovers in the sink as much as possible, to keep garbage bags sealed to prevent cockroaches from entering them for food, and to keep collecting garbage and removing it from the home as soon as possible. This way, a thorough cleaning will ensure that we don’t find cockroaches in our home.

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