New adidas campaign for the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand

The Women’s World Cup begins on Thursday, July 20 in Australia and New Zealand. A seminal moment for the movement, which – as happened at the World Cup in France in 2019 – hopes to further increase its following and confirm its position at the sporting and media level.

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‘Play ’til they can’t look away’

Due to this, Adidas and FIFA have developed a campaign associated with the event. 2023 World Cup campaign dedicated to new generation of icons Alessia Russo, Lena Oberdorf and Mary Fowler And it aims to bring global attention to the sport and inspire other young women and girls to follow in her footsteps. Featuring an array of fast-paced cinematics, the campaign welcomes an all-star lineup including David Beckham, Leon Goretzka and Ian Wright, as well as actress and soccer fan Jenna Ortega and Argentina’s World Cup hero Lionel Messi .

The heroes come together to celebrate the skills for which Russo, Oberndorf and Fowler are renowned: From game vision to blocking, power to creativity and accuracy. Adidas’ new creative proposal for the upcoming tournament, presented by Hero Films ‘Play Until They Can’t Look Away’, aims to bring together some of the world’s greatest women footballers on the biggest stage.

A scenario where the skill and passion these athletes show towards the sport attracts everyone’s attention and support. With the soundtrack of SL2’s iconic song, On a Ragga Tip, as the background; in the video ‘Play ’til they can’t look away’ Fans watch World Cup winner Lionel Messi, accompanied by Mary Fowler, capture the attention of viewers – and actress Jenna Ortega – and take them around the world in Fowler’s home country of Australia, where the biggest women’s sport The preparations are going on for the moment.

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adidas commitment

“There’s no denying that all World Cups are special, but this summer really looks like a game changer for the women’s game We are seeing record ticket sales, a larger audience, more passionate fans than ever before and emerging icons, underlined Sina Neubrandt, global communications director at adidas. This is exactly the essence we have tried to capture in our new campaign. By showcasing some of the sport’s biggest stars, we hope we can inspire the next generation to pursue their dreams and look to these players as role models who can help them reach new possibilities.

As part of adidas’ continued support for girls and women sportspeople from the stadium to the street, the brand has introduced its largest ever women’s kit bag for the Women’s World Cup. adidas to offer 1:1 tailored bras and engineering solutions to all federations and innovative materials for the perfect fit and improved support, while FlowShield technology, designed to prevent leaks, will be available for the first time in game shorts. The brand is also partnering with more federations than ever before, supplying them with some of its most technical apparel.

FIFA Women’s World Cup participant since 1995, the brand has always been an advocate of women’s sports, striving to help equalize sports for marginalized communities, because when it comes to football, there is no fair access, equality or protection for all. does not happen. As part of the ongoing partnership between adidas and Common Goal, 1% of all World Cup ball sales from 2022 – including the official ball of the Women’s World Cup, Oceanz – will go to the development and support of women’s sports, including Common Goal. “Global Goal 5 Accelerator”, which will enable this project to reach and transform the lives of more people around the world.

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