New Call of Duty tips to fight cheaters

call of Duty has announced a new update to its Ricochet anti-cheat system that will automatically deactivate cheating players’ parachutes so that they fall vertically at the start of the game, increasing their fall speed if a parachute has been deployed.

The feature, called Splat, showcases how video game developers are launching Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.

“Machine learning helps us better predict behavior and operate more efficiently,” admitted the people responsible for the game, developed by Activision, in a statement explaining the components of Splat.

With this technique, once a cheater is discovered, Be “randomly and fun activated”“His parachute deployed, allowing him to fly toward the ground,” he said.

Once the device is turned on, if a cheater is detected, the player’s speed can be adjusted to make him fall faster, thereby “instantly eliminating him.”

As with other anti-fraud measures, Splat will not be randomly activated for players who have not yet been identified and flagged as cheaters, despite having been reported by other players Shows he cheated.

The developer concluded by noting that this “is one of many new tricks it has developed” and that it will announce other similar measures soon.

After disguise and quicksand

The developers are launching this feature after months of testing other safety measures that would level the playing field, such as Invisibility, Damage Shield, and Quicksand.

he ‘invisible”, an update to Ricochet’s anti-cheat system, including masking the opponents of players who cheat in the game.In this way, the legitimate player’s character, bullets, and voice They become undetectable to scammers.

‘Damage shield’For its part, it protects legitimate players and gives them an advantage in battles against their opponents, so when it detects cheaters in real time, it disables their ability to cause damage to other players.

‘quicksand’On the other hand, as the company admitted, it was rejected because “it could be visually jarring” even for players who weren’t cheating. This is a mitigation that slows down or freezes the actions of detected cheaters in the game. Make them an easy target.

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