New case of bird flu in Tungurawa farm

According to Agrocalidad, although more than 8 million birds have been vaccinated across the country, the problem persists.

The Phytosanitary and Zoosanitary Regulatory and Control Agency (Agrocalidad) reported on 27 July 2023 on New cases of bird flu It is located in the Tungurahua province in the central part of the Ecuadorian plateau.

Without identifying affected farms or facilities, the agency assured that “this new case was epidemiological surveillance technicians”.

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The entity explained that “hygienic measures have been taken to prevent the spread of this virus.” In it he mentioned Poultry Farm Inspection is in that department. Other actions include the socialization of serodiagnosis and the application of enhanced biosecurity measures.

The agency assured that, to date, there are Immunized more than eight million birds, properties located in focal, peri-focus and at-risk areas nationwide. However, he called immediately to report any information: 1800 247 600.

The disease has caused huge losses to farmers in the country.

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