New civil affairs director: “I want a dedicated field service unit”

  • Professionals Francisco Vera Fierro and
    Magellan was born. He was even a firefighter in the 3rd company.

He has lived in Punta Arenas since childhood due to asthmatic bronchitis. Then he immigrated for reasons of professional studies, and now he is back, but as the Regional Director of the Civil Registry.

This is the story of Francisco Vera Fierro, a history teacher with a diploma in public policy and currently pursuing a master’s degree in adult education training, who assumed his new role on Aug. 1.

He comes from the sector’s national management team and has extensive experience in the public and private sectors. In addition to maintaining a long-term relationship with Magellan.

New Authority was born in Valparaíso from age 7 to grade 4, he lived in Punta Arenas and was a student at what was then Seventh School (now Bernardo O’Higgins) and San Jose Middle School .

“I am comingI went because I have asthmatic bronchitis. My old man was a port worker in Valparaíso, and the doctor advised me to adapt to the cold and dry climate. So he asked to be transferred to Magellan (where he already had a brother in port), and here they settled. Not long after, my bronchitis and asthma problems disappeared. When I was younger, I even became a firefighter in the 3rd company,” he recalls.

Regarding this new professional challenge, he emphasized that he has met all the staff of the Regional Office of the Civil Registry and shared with them the high value of his work to the community.

At present, its greatest disadvantage is that there is no dedicated field service unit, because now there are only multifunctional officers working in shifts. “Magellan is a vast area where there are urban centers and populations that need attention and displacement is difficult. We need to have a unit that can move around the territory without neglecting the central functions to perform the required Field service, that’s a task we want to be able to solve.”

Waiting to be able to work productively together, Judge Seremi, Michelle Peutat, stressed the importance of contributions from experienced directors at central level, “We wish him the best since administration The success “will depend on whether the Civil Registry is able to build on the quality of service it has been providing to the Magellan community” against current challenges.

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