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shiny black hair They’re back, and they welcomed us just in time New trends for the summer of 2023, In a pitch dark, which cancels out everything that sparkles with color in the light, the black of the season goes against the tide of warm blondes who use the sun-kissed effect to propose an alternative with the more gothic Also lightens the hair. Soul. But elegant nonetheless. Inspired by the succubus chic trend that started this year new crow color It releases radiance from within, promoting perfectly healthy, nourished and hydrated hair. Similar to other shades that have been successful in previous months, firstly Obsidian Black, this nuance focuses on the intensity of the color, which oscillates hue-wise between hues leaning more towards brown rather than black in its purest form . The basic rule is to avoid any kind of reflection after styling the hair to maintain the mirror effect.

Midnight Black: Hair as black as the summer night of 2023

Inspired by celebrities like Dua Lipa, Rihanna and Katy Perry, who have made black their signature look, Midnight Black is the perfect hue to play up with olive and golden hues, even deep or very dark Even the color.

black haircuts summer 2023 new ideas photos


On very light complexions, with pink undertones, the color will be equally effective, but less enveloping and more dramatic, as taught by Billie Eilish. The intensity of the color, unless the hair is already particularly dark, requires a higher concentration of pigment with which to impart the necessary shine throughout the length. This results in greater difficulty in color removal, and therefore has to be chosen consciously and with a view to maintaining the look for the time worth of the process. Another thing to consider before asking your colorist to proceed with the formulation of this dye is that the hair should be in excellent condition, and therefore not dry, broken, or weak. If this were the case, the recommendation is to first dedicate yourself to a treatment routine with which to repair damaged fibers based on products that are nourishing as well as moisturizing and regenerating.

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