New controversy for this American star who filmed himself digging up her dead cat before boiling it!


During a witchcraft ritual, the rapper filmed herself digging up her cat Lucifer and then cooking him …

A new controversy to put on the honor roll of rapper Azealia Banks.

The 29-year-old is at the heart of conversations that ignite social networks.

The artist performed a witchcraft ritual.

On Instagram, the star filmed herself digging up the corpse of her cat Lucifer, who died a few months ago. “The cat is in the bag!”, can we hear him say, laughing. She then boiled the animal’s remains in a huge saucepan, also containing an unidentified substance. A ritual aimed at bringing your cat back to life. And what about what looks like a sanctuary made up of a skull of her unearthed cat, peacock feathers, a bottle of champagne, a $ 100 bill, and an empty bottle of Chanel # 5.


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Images that shocked Internet users, torn between confusion, concern, and incomprehension …

Faced with her reactions and comments, the main interested party spoke.

“Why do you think I would have eaten a dead cat? When I hardly can eat a dead cow. It’s called taxidermy. Many hunters keep the heads of their animals and hang them on the walls. My darlings … You are racist and this story is not really very Black Lives Matter, “defended the 1991 interpreter on Instagram. “The cat’s head was soaked in peroxide to clean it completely, then I take it to a jeweler to cover it with stones. Lucifer was an icon. She deserves to be preserved.”

In 2016, the one who decided to leave Los Angeles for Miami had already shaken the web by revealing that she had practiced chicken sacrifices for several years …