New coronavirus can be passed to the speak and breathe: scientific recommends masks


Health experts say that the coronavirus can be spread simply by breathing and speaking, so that in the White House is prepared to recommend use of face masks

It seems possible that the new coronavirus is transmitted when people speak and breathe, said a high responsible american scientist this Friday 3 April 2020, while the White House is prepared to recommend the use of masks to the population.

The transmission by air would give an explanation to the long-investigated high rate of contagion that seemingly has the virus responsible for the pandemic of covid-19, since it seems that the people who are infected but asymptomatic are responsible for a large part of the infections.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the national Institute of infectious diseases and director of the president Donald Trump during the pandemic, said on Fox News Friday that the information indicate that “the virus can really be transmitted even when people are simply speaking, not only when you cough or sneeze”.

The academies american science detailed in a letter sent to the White House on Wednesday, April 1, 2020 various scientific results preliminaries that make tip the balance towards the possibility that the virus is transmitted by the air in which people breathe, and not only because of the drops issued in a sneezing directly into the face of other people or on surfaces (where it was shown that the virus can survive hours and days, depending on the material) .

“The research works currently available raise the possibility that the SARS-CoV-2 can be transmitted by bioaerosols generated directly by the expiration of the patients,” wrote Harvey Fineberg, president of the committee of emerging infectious diseases, in the letter to the name of the academies and reviewed by many other experts. He cited four studies and highlighted that it still needs to better understand the real risk of infection by this virus.

Because if it is indeed present in the breath, it is ignored even if it represents quantitatively an important route of transmission. In one study, researchers from the university of Nebraska found portions of the genetic code of the virus in the air of the rooms where they were isolated patients.

But to find these parts of the virus is not equivalent to finding the complete virus. In the meantime, researchers from the university of Hong Kong recently observed that the use of masks reduced the amount of coronavirus expired by the sick (in an experiment made with other different viruses to SARS-CoV-2) .

Chinese researchers at Wuhan took samples of air in various facilities of hospitals of the city and discovered high concentrations of the new coronavirus, especially in the bathrooms and the rooms where the caregivers were stripped of their protective equipment.

Due to these results, the responsible americans are prepared to recommend to all citizens of the country on the use of masks, preferably artisanal, although it is still unknown under what circumstances, and how mandatory it will be. “I don’t think that is going to be mandatory,” said Trump Thursday. In New York, the mayor already asked the inhabitants of the metropolis to cover their faces.

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