New flame for Belen, no Stefano

Stefano De Martino, touching social move
Stefano De Martino, driving social action –

The latest on Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino: his reaction touched everyone

The gossip of the past few days is all about Belen Rodriguez and the hundredth break with an ex-husband Stephen DeMartino.

Paparazzi at a family party with an alleged new partner Elio Lorenzonichose not to make any statements about this until Stefano appeared without a wedding ring on his finger.

Therefore, we continue to look for clues to understand again what happened to the couple, and De Martino publishes social media song that makes everyone grumble.

Belen with Elio, and Stefano…

The social distance between them and his participation in the presentation of Rai charts with a lot of left ring finger without faith caused gossip about Rodriguez and De Martino. Seen nearby Alessia Marcuzzi, listed many years ago as one of the women with whom he cheated on Belen, Stefano provoked a reaction from the latter, who promptly deleted the last joint photos on social networks. Then Chi’s weekly made it official gap between two shows some of the footage showing Argentina in an intimate relationship with businessman Elio Lorenzoni.

In fact, Belen seems to have decided to attend the family party in the company of her new alleged boyfriend. Stefano, according to insiders, would take this very hard, because he would feel betrayed not only by his ex-wife, but also by the members of the latter’s family, who welcomed him with great warmth into their home. However, in the past few hours, De Martino’s new social move has sparked gossip: Belen is really done? Is he trying to get her back?

Stefano De Martino touches everyone

The Rai host’s Instagram profile featured a video for the song by Justin Timberlake’s 1970 “Song for You” performed by Leon Russell. Music translated into Italian is referred to by many as a kind of declaration of love Belen Rodriguez and an attempt – perhaps already the hundredth – by De Martino to get closer to his former partner.

“(…) The image you have of me is what I hope to be. song – (…) I love you, where there is no place and time, you are the love of my life, you are my friend and when my life is over remember when we were together we were alone and I sang this song for you (…)”.

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