New flame for Leonardo DiCaprio? Know here who is the famous artist in Florence who stole her heart

New flame for Leonardo DiCaprio

New flame for Leonardo DiCaprio-Presidencia de la República Mexicana, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A new love for Leonardo DiCaprio? Someone mentioned the name of Megan Roche, a beautiful twenty-two year old model who has recently been seen with the actor. But there is another woman who has beaten Hollywood’s golden bachelor. The meeting took place in Florence. Let’s meet her

Leonardo DiCaprio has a genuine passion for young ladies. He chooses them beautiful, much younger than himself, often successful supermodels. The list is quite long as the actor is an unrepentant loner and prefers short term relationships without any strings attached. But this time there is a very special lady who has caught his attention. Specifically even in the name, Artemisia Gentileschi.

in the footsteps of leonardo da vinci

Holidays in Italy for Leonardo DiCaprio, Choose from cities of art and seaside villages, pizzerias and gourmet restaurants. He has been spotted up and down the peninsula with Tobey Maguire and a group of friends. Tried to blend in among the many tourists with a cap pulled over his forehead and a casual look. in casertavisiting the Royal Palace in the archaeological areas of Pompeii and Herculaneum, in forte dei marmi For dinner at Maito’s restaurant. and still inside tuscanyin the footsteps of leonardo da vinci,

There is a special relationship between the artist and the actor with the same name. It seems that DiCaprio kicked his mother’s stomach for the first time while she was admiring a painting by the painter in the Uffizi Gallery. And it was here that he met Artemisia Gentileschi.

New flame for Leonardo DiCaprio?

The love for Artemisia Gentileschi began immediately.But it is an exclusively spiritual encounter. women In fact she is a painter, actually a painter, from the early 1600s, an artist who struggled to establish herself in a world dominated by men. But Artemisia is also famous for acts of courage, extraordinary in the times in which she lived. In fact, she condemned the man who had raped her by dragging her before the court to convict her.

His art, passionate and dramatic, shows the pain and courage that animated his life, especially in his most famous painting, Judith and Holofernes. Here Artemisia describes the moment in which the biblical heroine, who has the painter’s face, kills the enemy leader of her people.

a real jolt of electricity

Leonardo DiCaprio instantly conquered himself From the strong personality of the painter. He stayed for a long time in front of the dramatic paintings in the room where his creations are displayed. A real jolt of electricity. he wanted to know everything about her,

What impressed her more, a woman with a strong personality who rebelled against the logic of her time or a passionate artist who knew how to evoke strong emotions with his paintings? Surely the actor, who loves art very much, was able to understand the emotional charge of the paintings and was fascinated by them. No new flame yet for Leonardo DiCaprio long lasting love,

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