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Again, Georgina Rodriguez sport one manicure flawless, luxurious and refined. While on holiday in Sardinia with friends and family, the Argentine top model and influencer opted for a candid and elegant makeover, as seen in the photos posted on her Instagram profile. 2023 in all senses. And by the color of the enamel, which is white according to the textbook, and by the shape of the ballerina, which comes to life from a very elegant imagery of classical dance. Aesthetics, vol. balletcoreincreasingly fashionable this summer (and which Jacquemus also celebrated with his latest collection Le Shuchou). If in the last period several celebrities have chosen a clean look of nails (from Belen to Cecilia Rodriguez, up to Chanel Totti), who gave style lessons one after another, Cosmopolitan Italy now reveals the secrets of filing nails, like partner Cristiano Ronaldo.

Summer 2023 Nail Renovation News: What You Need to Know About Ballerina Georgina Rodriguez’s Nails

In English they are called coffin nails. ballerina nails they get their name in Italian from the shape of the shoe used in classical dance. Something between almond-shaped nails and a completely square file: in fact, this type of nails can be better understood if we think about the almond-shaped form, which lacks a tip. Where the latter is filed down to a square (the tip of the almond-shaped nails is instead slightly rounded). Manicure form chosen Georgina Rodriguez it also differs from a completely square stylet and from a very sharp stylet. Straightaway, Cosmopolitan Italy then explains how to file coffin nails for a salon-worthy result.

Georgina Rodriguez News: How to File a Ballerina’s Nails

Give nails the shape of a ballerina using an example Georgina Rodriguez accuracy should be a key component. For beginners who want this shape, we advise you to contact a trusted beautician, and if you have already started manicures (and filing), here is a guide for you. You start by filing the sides of the nail diagonally, gently and obliquely squeezing them more and more towards the tip, which, however, will be straight and square (the file is held perpendicular). Having a very characteristic shape, these ballerina nails look best on a narrow nail bed.

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