New information from committee on coronavirus and flu vaccines

The Andalusian junta’s Ministry of Health is awaiting guidelines from the Public Health Commission to end the covid-19 vaccination program with booster doses for immunosuppressed people and those between the ages of 60 and 65.

Its owner, Catalina García, in Verma (Jaén), participated in the thirty-eighth edition of the Sierra Mágina Natural Park trade fair at Expohuelma 2023, and said this in response to a reporter’s question about the situation with the virus mentioned above.

Noting that “coronavirus cases have rebounded across the country, and of course in Andalusia,” he added that “social interactions” are likely to occur more in the summer, with holidays and widespread gatherings, “which makes the number of cases rise.”

In any case, he assesses that “importantly, 94.7% of residential centers in Andalusia are free from Covid-19” and despite the fact that masks are no longer mandatory, it affects the recommendation to use them, “in both residential centers and Andalusia Lucia Health Center conducts guidance».

“COVID-19 is still here”

As he commented, “Be cautious because the virus continues to exist and the most vulnerable are the most affected.” Garcia said: “We now have a personal responsibility to protect the health of many vulnerable populations.”

Furthermore, as the adviser added, they are awaiting the meeting of the “Ministerial Public Health Committee, which must be held in early September to end vaccinations” that “will be administered concurrently” with influenza. “

“What is being decided now is which vaccine will cover the sublineages that are currently circulating. We are waiting for the public health board to finally decide what type of vaccine will be given again because it will target immunosuppressed people and people between the ages of 60 and 65. Older people get vaccinated,” he explained.

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