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One of the actresses who has been most questioned in recent years has been Brie Larson. who is currently part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that unfortunately, has a quite complicated reputation as a result of various comments that position her as a somewhat radical feminist and according to rumours, Disney plans to remove her from her star role.

According to rumors, Brie Larson will stop being Captain Marvel

From the site of tomatoes, have reported that new information from the most reliable and accurate sources of Giant Freakin Robot, have ensured that Marvel and Disney will replace Brie Larson of his role as Captain Marvel and many will wonder the reason for that decision and apparently, it is due to the actress’s questionable reputation, as we know, her comments and opinions often end up generating great discontent among fans.

The rumor also suggests that she could be replaced by Monica Rambeau, who we saw in WandaVision, but that is not all and that is, they could also consider America Chavez like the new Captain Marvel.

At the moment, there is no more information about it and in the same way, we will see Brie Larson What Captain Marvel in the movie the marvels which will be released in 2023.

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