New Season of the Enlisted Battle Pass – Vehicles, Weapons, and Brawlers

The new season of the Battle Pass kicks off at Enlisted today. By pumping over the BP levels, players will be able to receive applications for fighters and weapons, a change in squad improvement, a choice of a soldier class, gold, an increase in the level of soldiers and weapons, a change of a fighter’s callsign and posters. Weapons will include the Degtyarev PDM-42 submachine gun, the M1A1 Carbine automatic version, the Finnish KP-26 and the German Gewehr 43 rifle under 7.9 mm. The vehicles will include the T-50, Pz IV H, T-34-85 and Panther tanks, and the Bf-110 aircraft. There will also be 6 rank 5 fighters available (one for the nation in each campaign). Enlisted is a multiplayer first-person shooter about World War II. Available on PC and Xbox Series X. Developed by Darkflow Software


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