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There is very little left for November to come to an end and the different streaming platforms are announcing their news for the month of December. Now it’s time to stop at 58 series, films and documentaries that will arrive at Disney + during those days.

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‘The Last Duel’ (‘The Last Duel’)

Ridley scott He approached a striking real case to pull one of the great films of the year out of his sleeve that, without betraying the ways of the time, gives a feminist twist to a rape case by offering a triple approach to what happened. A work with strength that hooks from the first minute and that has great work from its leading trio.

December 15

Criticism in Espinof

The 24 best Disney movies +


The new Disney Classic is a joy that combines a great visual display, a great premise to shape a first-rate adventure that knows how to be fun and emotional when it is proposed, a great vocal work by its cast and some songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda that fit like a glove as you seek to enhance the film.

Dec. 24

Criticism in Espinof

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‘Those wonderful years’ (‘The Wonder Years’)

New version of the acclaimed series of the same title that this time addresses the life of a middle-class African-American family from Alabama. Elisha “EJ” Williams, Don Cheadle, Dulé Hill and Saycon Sengbloh lead the cast.

December 22th

The 21 best Disney + series

‘The Book of Boba Fett’ (‘The Book of Boba Fett’)

We will still have to wait to see the third season of ‘The Mandalorian’, but its void will be filled by this spin-off focused on the mythical bounty hunter from the Star Wars saga trying to take control of the criminal world of Tatooine. Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen they will be the main protagonists of the function.

December 29

  • ‘Better Things’ Seasons 1-4: December 1
  • ‘Walkers’: December 1
  • ‘The Greens in the Big City’ Season 2: December 1
  • ‘Awesome Noa’ Season 1: December 1
  • ‘Violetta in concert’: December 3
  • ‘Hawaii: Sharks of the fire goddess’ – December 3
  • ‘Welcome to Earth’: December 8
  • ‘Little Einsteins’ Season 1 and 2: December 8
  • ‘Alias’ Seasons 1-5: December 8
  • ‘Gomorrah’ Seasons 1-4: December 8
  • ‘The Finder’ Season 1: December 8
  • ‘Miraculous World: New York, Heroes United’: December 10
  • ‘Blood Rivals: The Lion vs. the Buffalo’: December 10
  • ‘Foodtástico’: December 15
  • ‘Family Guy’ Season 20: December 15
  • ‘Spider-Man’ Season 2: December 15
  • ‘Arendelle Castle Christmas Log: Cut Paper Edition’ – December 17
  • ‘D-Day Witnesses’: December 17
  • ‘Miraculous World: The Adventures of Ladybug in Shanghai, The Legend of Lady Dragon’: December 17
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’: December 22
  • ‘The Boat’ Season 1 to 3: December 22
  • ‘The David Choe Show’: December 29
  • ‘Mixed-ish’ Season 1 and 2: December 29

All documentaries

  • ‘Cosmo: Other Worlds’ Season 1: December 1
  • ‘Wild Central America’ Season 1: December 1
  • ‘Predator Fail’ Season 1: December 1
  • ‘Radiography of the Earth: Cataclysms’ Season 1: December 8
  • ‘Most Dangerous in Africa’ Seasons 4-6: December 15
  • ‘Predators Fail Too’ Season 1: December 15
  • ‘The King Who Fooled Hitler’: December 17
  • ‘Cars SOS’ Season 8: December 22
  • ‘Drain the Oceans’ Season 3: December 29
  • ‘Rescue in the deep’: December 31

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