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Senigallia, 04/09/2023 – The Ancona Local Health Authority is implementing a new procedure called FAST TRACK.

This is a Minor Emergency Response Model (Green and White Codes) that is addressed to the hospital emergency department and is applied to patients who have signs/symptoms/history that clearly belong to a single specialist to facilitate emergency care. The department in the implementation of its activities reduces the expectations of patients, improves nursing skills. In essence, the path approved as an intake protocol works as follows: once the user’s health needs are established based on pre-established protocols, it is sent directly to the competent person. In particular, in the Fabriano Emergency Department, in agreement with the Director of the Emergency Department, Dr. Loredana Capitanucci, an accelerated course in odontostomatology has started.

After the reception and visit, the patient is directly discharged by the dentist with the relevant indications. The accelerated procedure is valid not only at the Angles Profilei hospital in Fabriano, but also at the Carlo Urbani hospital in Jesi and the Principe di Piemonte hospital in Senigallia. A network of dental care hospitals has been organized in AST Ancona to provide care to all patients in need of specialized multidisciplinary hospital care. The existing organization of the assistance network of territorial dental clinics makes it possible to guarantee the patient an assistant service, a multidisciplinary approach, the safety of therapy, the professionalism of specialists, the facilitation of patient care routes, and precisely the new Fast Track mode in the rooms where emergency care is located. room. In addition to the accelerated course of odontostomatology, there are courses in the following disciplines: ophthalmology, ENT, dermatology, pediatrics, gynecology, surgery.

“For our healthcare system, this is undoubtedly an important procedural innovation aimed at reducing the overcrowding of emergency departments in order to provide a better service to citizens who come to our hospital structure, avoiding long waiting times and, above all, quickly and efficiently managing real emergencies, says Filippo Saltamartini, Health Adviser of the Marche Region, “The patient is cared for with more internal organization between different specialized disciplines and this allows access to be managed from a network point of view.”

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