New single for Demi Lovato

After his latest album, “Holy Fvck” released in August 2022, Demi Lovato she had taken a moment’s pause, more or less completely stepping away from any spotlight.
After all, in recent years, she had forcefully returned to the scene by getting back into the game.
Both at the end of the pandemic and after, the singer was back with new musical proposals, a docu-series on aliens for discovery and a serial documentary, “Dancing with the devil” , centered completely on her and her struggles with being a celebrity.

So, after a series of such close projects, Demi Lovato she stepped aside and, now, she is finally ready to return with a new single which already from the title, makes it clear that anyone who gave her up for dead was wrong.
What’s more, this time, the song will also soundtrack an upcoming movie.

Still alive“, this is the title of the piece, arrives, in fact, on digital stores at the same time it is about to arrive in theaters”Scream VI“, it will be possible to see it from March 9, the new chapter of the famous horror saga.
If the singer isn’t physically part of the film, however, Demi was able to face ghost facethe villain of the various Screamin the official video of the piece where, through a projector, the killer enters our reality.
At that point, the singer is forced to face it by becoming, for all intents and purposes, one Final Girlsthe female figure who in horror films kills the monster at the end, to save herself and her friends.
This is a dream come true Lovato who, in an interview, stated that she has always been a big fan of the saga and of horror in general.

Published: March 6, 2023 at 12:51pm

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