“New stage”. Viktor Pavlik’s young wife announced pregnancy

Victor Pavlik with his wife (Photo: instagram.com/repyahovakate)

The wife of Ukrainian singer Viktor Pavlik, his concert director Yekaterina Repyakhova shared the good news.

Repyakhova, 26, announced on her Instagram page that she would soon become a mother for the first time.

“A new stage in our life. This is happiness. This is endless love, ”the girl wrote. Catherine published pictures in which she gently hugs her stomach. On December 31, the singer celebrated his 55th birthday. Pavlik and Repyakhova legalized their relationship on May 29, 2020.

Recall that Pavlik’s 21-year-old son Pavel died of cancer on August 7, 2020. The guy had been fighting a serious illness for two years. Pavlik married four times. He has a 36-year-old son Alexander from his first wife Lydia and a 34-year-old daughter Christina, born in a second marriage to Svetlana.