New troubles for Meghan Markle: “Interviews on her podcast were false, it was not VIPs who spoke but members of her staff”

In the meantime, however, according to rumors, the Duchess of Sussex is about to sign a significant contract with Dior in order to become a testimonial for the brand.

A few days back he was branded as “fucking scammers” By Bill Simmons, one of Spotify’s executives. And now shocking new allegations are surfacing. what are we talking about? prince of course Afflict And meghan marklewho rose to prominence again only to shut down his podcast after 13 episodes. now in jail The Duchess of Sussex was especially elated. What has he accused? according to what one writes New York Post, In Some of the interviews recorded for his podcast featured members of his staff, not the VIPs mentioned., The questions in his voice were recorded later. In short, all false. Huge indictments, which at this point are, in fact, only rumours. What is certain, however, is that if the allegations are confirmed, it will be an outright scam.

Meanwhile, according to email me Sunday, Agent Ari Emanuel, head of talent agency William Morris Endeavor (WME), is already Mission launched to find Meghan again, In fact, if the rumors circulating in Los Angeles are true, the Duchess is expected to sign a short-term deal. Important agreement with French fashion house dior to be the face of the companylike with global stars Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence, “Meghan is the talk of everyone,” a prominent Beverly Hills socialite said on the evening of June 17.

And again: “There have been rumors for several weeks that he is about to sign a deal dior, If he does that, no one will remember that his stupid podcast was canceled after one season.” Yet said reputation crisis expert Eric Schiffer. Team Meghan He’ll use the drama to his advantage: “These guys were already on war footing because they knew the Spotify announcement was coming,” he said. Then, he says he thinks Ari will have a strategic and tactical battle plan to engage with sophisticated partners, such as dior, As of now, nothing is certain, and we will have to wait for official news to see which direction the former American actress’ work will take.

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