New video of Britney Spears in lingerie attacking Sam Ashgari: I was scammed

On the ‘Trick Me’ notes, Kelis Britney Spears posts another video in which she expresses her frustration at being ‘cheated’ by Sam Ashgari, her ex-husband. Britney is rumored to have the delusions of a frustrated woman in need of support.

Britney Spears continues to post videos on Instagram of her dancing in the living room. The goal is twofold: to get people talking about him, and to convey another of his messages to Sam Ashgari. The ballet in very revealing leopard-print lingerie is set to the notes of a very meaningful song: “Trick me” by Kelis. And in the video, Britney starts singing the chorus: “You could fool me once, but I won’t let you do it twice.”

Video where she is almost naked at home

Meanwhile, on Instagram, Britney Spears changed her name to Maria River Red. Inexplicable. Another gesture, a kind of rebellion against the fact that on August 16, after only 14 months of marriage, the pop star divorced Sam Ashgari. At this next social event, Britney appeared in a black bra with a sexy leopard print bodysuit. The ballet to the notes of Kelis is accompanied by a caption to the post: “How many times have you been deceived or deceived by someone you love? Psst, on repeat, because I’m serious!” And the comments on the post are disabled, but the link is clear: it’s all about Sam Ashgari.

The Sun: ‘Their marriage was a roller coaster from the start’

More and more details about the relationship between Britney Spears and Sam Ashgari emerge every day. According to the US version of The Sun, their marriage was a roller coaster from the start. Already on their wedding night, the newlyweds slept in different rooms. The Sun also reported that Sam Ashghari acted as Britney Spears’ “therapist and nurse”. “HeSun wrote, “he felt unprepared to solve her problems.” The marriage was destroyed by Britney Spears’ constant refusal to take medication, as well as excessive alcohol consumption. Sam Ashgari on Instagram downplayed: “After six years of love and devotion to each other, my wife and I have decided to complete our journey together. We cherish the love and respect we have for each other and I always wish her the best.” Britney is rumored to have the delusions of a frustrated woman in need of support.

Britney Spears divorce, Sam Asghari denies being blackmailed with ‘nasty secrets’ to get more money

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