New year’s eve on the reef, you will need a 5 pole switch, and the least noise of the fireworks


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So raise a toast to the arrival in 2020, the capital will be a fireworks less noisy, but more time on the show, and five of the most important points for the fun of it. In the year of the reef 21 tons of explosives, and three or more compared to the year 2018. The burn should take about 15 minutes. What is new is that in addition to the designs, graphics, and the fireworks, a message is output.

The rods for the new year of the reef are located in the districts of Boa Viagem, Pina, Meadow, Ibura, and the Lagoa do Araçá. The stages in the face, it rises to more than 40 attractions, such as the reading of Itamaracá, by Michelle Mello, a Muse, Spok, Nena Queiroga, Almir Rouche, head, Electric, brown, Brazilian Portuguese, in addition to the more of recife, between the state of para: check Out the singer and the hurricane, that is the question, to explain whether, for the intimate the reef, and freguesa of the local song-writers such as Joe Cafofinho, the a is, the took it and turned it into the hit – to-music-Xirley.

“We have always tried to minimize the noise, and the sound effects of the fireworks during the festival, on the edge of a Good trip. In the city of Recife, has concern for the environment, for the protection of animals. It follows the rules of the fire brigade, civil protection, and the port authority,” said the Municipal Secretary for tourism, Anne, Paula Vilaça.

The traditional fireworks will take place at the height of the building Acaiaca, in the Second garden, both in the Boa Viagem and Pina, in the southern area of são paulo. The fireworks on new year’s eve will be removed in three rafts on the sea, just 400 meters from the beach. “Unlike other cities, where the fire is, together with the buildings and on the reef, the from the liferaft. The cause of a less noisy, but at the time of the explosion, there’s always noise, because of the weapon. But the fires have no optical effect, and is not burst in the recording,” says Ana Paula Vilaça.

It, therefore, it does not work, the information from which the fires of the reef not about the noise.

A recommendation for a point-to-point

The office of the public Prosecutor of the Federal state of Pernambuco, up to 12. in the district Attorney’s office, justice for the defence of human rights in the share capital, the issuance of a recommendation, with expertise in the protection of the natural environment and the Historical and Cultural heritage, with the aim of “the preservation of the health of the physical and mental health of the animals.” According to the text, is now reported by the public Prosecutor, the fact, by means of which the progress of the physical and mental age of the animal is caused by the burning of fireworks with an explosive force and is dependent on the experience and the location of damage is cause, the physical and the emotional.

“It is the responsibility of the Public authorities with the duty to protect the fauna and flora is prohibited, in accordance with the law and the practice that they put in danger their ecological function, provoke the extinction of species or subject animals to cruelty in order to ensure the effectiveness of the fundamental right to the environment ecologically balanced,” said attorney Ricardo Coelho, in the text of the recommendation.

Check out the view to the year 2020:


19 – Cascabulho

20h40 – Lia de Itamaracá

22h – Maestro Spok, with the participation of Nena Queiroga, Andrew, the river Gerlane Lops, Almir Rouche, Beatriz Villa-Chan and Beto Hortis

0h15 – De …

2 – wire, Electrically, with the participation of Edilza Aires, Cristina Amaral, Nadia and Maia, brown, Brazilian, Ed, Charles, and Geraldinho Lins


20 – Serginho Zuada, and the Band Swing and the New

21h20 – Eduarda Alves

22h40 – Michelle Melo

0h15 – Muse

2 – Nice Cross and with the participation of not be able to Remain White, so Sweet, this song, Maria, Pagodinho, Leno, sympathy, and Wellington, on the Tambourine


19 – Karametade

20: 30 – Friends

22h – friends, the inhabitants of the region, with the Dino Braia

0h20 – Dudu do Acordeon


20 – Band, Seductive

21h20 – Elvis

22h40 – His Very

0h20 – Friendly to the needs of the customer


19 – Apollo Gomez, Of birth, Luciana Gomes, and Bulhões

21h20 – Band Mandagaroba

22h40 – Band, Seductive

0h20 – Cybelle Chip

To achieve 1 hour and 40 minutes – Band of finish