New York, 4 areas of the Big Apple, which must be discovered…

Journey through the coolest neighborhoods in New York to experience all the creative and glamorous soul of the Big Apple. Its irresistible charm will stun you…

New York, 4 areas of the Big Apple, which must be discovered ...

Cosmopolitan, brightseductive and absolutely glamorous NY never loses its charm of beingA big dream“. At least once in a lifetime it must be discovered, indeed, it must be lived! NY it’s a city that doesn’t stop, sheds its skin, always boils, and that’s why you can visit it too ten times you will never find the same. His the life force you feel on your skin, you carry it in your soul as you stroll through its streets, stroll through its parks, visit its exhibition spaces that grow, roll your eyes and experience the thrill of discovering even less touristy areas. Yes, because the essence New York right hereit is in the neighborhoods that you will find on the last pages of the best tourist guides, it is among these less crowded streets that you can fall in love withcool soul of the metropolis. Here are our tips on how to discover this brand new personality. charming New York. Don’t miss any of them areas of the Big Apple...

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Soho: New York’s ‘must-have’ neighborhood for fashion lovers

Soho New YorkBetween Little Italy and Tribecahere it is delicious soho area which you can easily fall in love with. Born in the early 1900s. as an industrial area and, during, ban full of commercial premises, apparently hiding the most intriguing secrets and bars, soho still one of the most New York is cool. He never lost control of this unparalleled charm, and despite many hidden barsstill existing, retained its essence. Loft in industrial styleiron buildings, art gallerytrendy clubs transform neighborhoods Soho in NYC’s “best location” in which a lover of cool things must pass. For shoppers, a stop in Soho is a must, and those looking for VIPs should be aware that the area is among the favorite haunts of many celebrities. Here is Dakota Fanning, Daniel Craig, Justin Timberlake – you can meet them in any supermarket!

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Ridgewood: one of the coolest neighborhoods not only in New York, but in the whole world

It’s easy to say chillHere we are on the edge! Ridgewood in 2022 he was awarded the #1 as New York’s Coolest Neighborhood and the fourth coolest in the world. Ridgewoodlocated in south Queens, to which it belongs, and north of Brooklyn, has won this prestigious title for its ability to blend modernity with its trendy bars and restaurants, to the New York tradition thanks to the presence of many small shops that have not lost the essence of a real cosmopolitan city and history, since here is the oldest Dutch field stone house, built in 1700. What is he doing the coolest This area is also distinguished by its unique color, its atmosphere, incomparable with any other area of ​​the city. ridgewood, for all these reasons, it is also considered one of the best areas in New York to live. lthe diversity and local atmosphere of Queens and i’m looking forward to it glamorous brooklyn here you breathe it everywhere! Invalid stop Mr. Sunday events at Today, a weekly 16,000-square-foot space with hammocks and picnics, becomes a nocturnal reference for New York’s trendiest people.

Chelsea: Manhattan’s hippest neighborhood

We, oddly enough, Manhattanand even if the area is considered one of the most touristic, here it stands out among all Chelsea for his cool soulwhich, despite such heavy tourist pollution, has managed to reveal its full essence of creativity and innovation. Chelsea it stretches from 14th Street to 34th Street and from 6th Avenue to the Hudson River in the western part of Manhattan and is characterized by many restaurants, famous places, as well as art galleries. Chelsea this is an area with a fairly long history, which arose around 1750, thanks to the initiative of an English entrepreneur who bought a plot of land “ten square blocks” near the Hudson River and named the estate “Chelsea”. From “Speak Simple” to Flea MarketsFrom glamorous clubs to green buildings, the Chelsea area is hospitable to everyone and is also considered one of New York’s most gay-friendly neighborhoods. Stop at the iconic Chelsea Hotel it will be an amazing experience, take a tour Chelsea Market will amaze you with its beauty, do not leave without visiting Highline.

Nolita: Soho’s little sister with an elegant and lively charm.

Nolita is an abbreviation for “North of Little Italy”., a really tiny area but incredibly charming thanks to the perfect blend of modernity and class imported from the old continent. Nolita stands out NY for its unusual appearance, because despite its small size, many boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants are concentrated here. motto live nolita it’s just one thing: a walk, because just walking through its streets will make you feel fashionable and incredibly chic!

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