Newells won with a genius of the Fiera

Soccer does not have mysteries or elaborate recipes. Intelligence, wisdom, hierarchy and refined technique are irreplaceable and make a difference. A clear example was the 25 minutes that Maxi Rodríguez was allowed to make easy what the other 22 players had made very difficult in what had been played in the game. La Fiera jumped onto the court at a trot, went to execute a frontal free kick and stroked the ball to lodge it against the left post of an innocent Rigamonti who was confident. Newell’s with that goal resolved one afternoon when he was playing for the devil and even had a couple of saves in Macagno’s goal. But Maxi has an angel, he has leprosy and with that single individual move he established the difference in favor of the rojinegros in 1-0 against Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero.

It was a triumph suffered wherever you look at it, but with the stamp of quality of the endless Maxi Rodríguez. So Newell’s won by the smallest difference and asking the time from Santiago.

The first half was sloppy, ordinary, rudimentary, according to the meager campaigns of both teams that collided on the hot afternoon at Coloso. Newell’s overpopulated the middle of the court, setting up a square with Cacciabue and Fernández as defensive vertices, and with Castro and Pablo Pérez ahead. But Taffarel’s formation was predictable and narrow, as he hardly used the sides of the court to punch an orderly team from Santiago.

Without intensity or pressure from Newell’s, the ball did not have a clear dominance and the railroad man made his foot with a tired rhythm that even reached him to worry Macagno.

The risk actions of the initial stage were scarce, almost elaborated to the punches, without being the product of outstanding collective plays. Likewise, the flatness of the procedure did not prevent approaches to the arches, always appealing to the magnifying glass of good will. A deflected shot from Cacciabue and another shot from Jacob that did not prosper. The clearest of the leprosy was a powerful shot from Nacho Scocco that covered Rigamonti and the capricious sting of the ball prevented him from entering the loft goal.

The santiagueños responded with a dangerous tackle from Melano that Jacob headed out when there was a scoring perfume. The midfielder Alejandro Martínez had him mistreat the youthful Jacob with his devilish dribble.

The first half was consumed with the red and black impotence of not being able to take over the ball or the offensive geography of the field. Newell’s lacked associated play, with Pérez and Castro erratic and overlapping, with Nacho Scocco isolated above and with Garro absorbed by the brand. The whistle at halftime was a relief to the eyes after a mean and disappointing 0-0.

GREAT TRIUMPH OF THE LEPER! | Newell’s 1-0 Central Córdoba | Summary

In addition, Franco Escobar entered for the youthful Jacob on the right side, seeking to have greater substance for the band with the player whose pass belongs to Atlanta United.

But Martínez remained a nightmare and from the edge of the area he crossed the shot that hit the crossbar before the resigned look of Macagno. Leprosy was saved. Right away Melano almost bill for popcorn. And again Melano crossed kick and took Escobar on the line. Total bewilderment at Newell’s that almost got out of the way in ten minutes of terror. Inside Panchito González, outside Garro.

“Put egg”, “move Newell’s, move”, the chants of a Colossus that watched with resignation as the santiagueños dominated a disoriented and unbalanced Newell’s, in front of a limited rival who even felt that he could keep everything.

After 20 minutes, Maxi and Nazareno Funez entered when the Coloso oven was not ready for buns. And precisely the Fiera has the gift of stellar players, the different ones, those of international hierarchy. On the first ball he touched, he solved the riddle and made the red-and-black people explode. Masterfully Maxi executed a frontal free kick and placed the ball next to the left post of a surprised Rigamonti. The leprous legend saved the clothes and said “here I am ready to play whenever you like.”

La Fiera’s goal served as relief, relief and at least took the team out of the general confusion they were in when they walked along the ledge.

Maxi even had another volley that went over the crossbar. And he put a couple of footsteps that raised the stadium. La Fiera in a while showed that sometimes in football speed is mental and gave Newell’s a triumph that was breech, but ended up being born in full sun in the Colossus.


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