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Participants of the press conference (photo by Alessandro Tich)

The fact is that “Baxic Instinct” is today an ideal name for describing the new trend that took shape in the city after the vote of the City Council: that is, the general instinct from right and left to rush to support the workers. Baksi, whose professional fate was at stake, unless other solutions were found, by the great balance of the municipal council itself.
Bassano per Tutti’s civil list of minorities is no exception, council member and group leader Erica Fontana voted against the Pavan administration’s guidelines prior to the agreement with Baxi and Pengo.
La Fontana, list spokesman Paolo Retino and other members of the public meet with the press in the square in front of the Campesano Primary School in the San Marco district, located directly across from two adjacent facilities of the Pengo logistics plant and the manufacturing complex. from Baksi.
It must be said, in truth, that BpT has already expressed its position regarding the private agreement between the two companies (“we want the agreement to be concluded and for Pengo to give Baxi the right to use the territory, but you refuse the San Lazaro building”, from July 25 press release) at an unsuspecting time, that is, before the City Council meeting on July 27.
But now that the “no” advice has been archived for future reference, Retino and his friends are calling on the media to further clarify their point of view.

“Bassano must protect the workers of Baxi, which was prevented by a misguided and blackmailing proposal in the city council,” warned a press release issued on the occasion. If the only alternative for the company is to expand into the nearby former Iar-Siltal di Pengo, then the municipal administration is working to encourage this move. That’s what politics is for, not to legitimize attacks on the city council or reduce history to naive environmentalism with no vision for the future.
“Look for mediation, and Pengo accepts dialogue: there are discussion tables, mediation, there are concessions from the municipality,” the text continues. With one goal: Baksi should get the former Yar-Siltal area, and the San Lazzaro area should remain agricultural.
“What is holding the workers and the city by a thread is not the no-vote councilors and the associations,” the statement said. Pengo, and we’ve been talking about this for months now, made unacceptable conditions for Baxi to give this production space and demanded that the city council accept everything without objection.”
“Pengo, a historic company in the area, will find the right agreement with Baxi through the mediation of the municipalities, as well as Confindustria, which should promote relations between partners and not get involved in politics,” concludes the note from Bassano per Tutti -. We protect work and good industry. At the same time, we protect the environment. This is what politics should do. Mediate, don’t incite.”

“We have been saying for some time that we do not agree with the ongoing battles between work and the environment in the city,” spokesman Paolo Retino told a press conference. The two events are separated. There is a productive reality that needs to be expanded, and we want to come to a conclusion. The expansion is possible if it is provided by the second company, which has moved everything, but has always remained on the sidelines. The municipal administration and Confindustria must bring the two companies to the meeting point.”
“San Lazaro is a different game,” Retino continues. This was a compulsion for Pengo, who wanted to play the entire game in this area. The issue must be decided at the level of municipal administrations, and not only the municipality of Bassano, in order to find a solution for the Pengo logistics site. We believe that politics, instead of inciting disputes, finds reasons not in the forced opposition of work and the environment, but in the development of the territory.
“The game was played with great superficiality, attributing responsibility to the twelve directors who voted ‘no’ and treating them with derision,” the spokesman concludes. Such important matches cannot be decided in fifteen days by bringing an out-out to the city council.”
“My no was very painful, but responsible,” says City Council member Erika Fontana. It wasn’t a “no” from a naive environmentalist, as someone said, but it took into account both environmental concerns and Baxi’s labor concerns. Baxi, acting through Pengo, did not alleviate the situation and did not lead to a confrontation in the city with all interested parties.”
“The city council also reported that there was a meeting between the administration and Pengo the day before, where some requests were made, and Pengo showed a negative response to any type of response,” continues the leader of the council group. A serious confrontation is needed to allow Baxi to expand his space, and if Pengo has a city at his heart, he must come to understand some things. If the Services Conference has already expressed a negative opinion on your request to build in San Lazaro in the fall, it cannot take advantage of Baxi’s problems to nominate him again and put the administration and the city with their backs to the wall.
Paola Faccinello, the patron goddess of civic values, also expressed her opinion: “Participation and transparency were lacking from the very beginning, and without participation and transparency, no result can be achieved.”
In conclusion: everything must be done for the policy to organize a collaborative and collaborative process with all stakeholders to support the conditions of the industrial evolution plan with subsequent stability, if not employment development, in Baxi Spa.
Baksik Instinct, yes.

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