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At Netflix, we are announcing three new anime that will be featured at the DROP 01 event. We will break down the animations that will be shown during the virtual event.

In fact, there are animated series for every taste, many of which are based on famous gaming franchises such as Devil May Cry and Tomb Raider.

It is worth noting that the streaming platform features animated films that have gained recognition in recent years, such as Cyberpunk: Mercenaries, Arcane, Castlevania and others.

Below, confirm which anime are on their way to Netflix as announced in DROP 01.


One by one, the world’s most advanced robbers and human allies are killed, and Inspector Gesicht realizes that there is also danger at stake.

Pluto will be available on Netflix for 26 months.

Tomb Raider: Landa de Lara Croft

The long-running anime has revealed its first look at the new Tomb Raider series on Netflix, officially titled Tomb Raider: Lenda de Lara Croft.

Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter) will voice the iconic video game character, and the story has been confirmed to carry over into Crystal Dynamics’ latest Tomb Raider trilogy.

Masters of the Universe: Revolution

Masters of the Universe: Revolution is a new series inspired by our ideas from Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia, showing the war between He-Man and Esqueleto like never before. Chris Wood voices He-Man in the English version, along with a roster of custom stunt doubles.

The series is scheduled for 2024 with a specific date from Ainda.

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim meets his sons, Ramona Flowers, but finds himself wanting to rid himself of his lust for former loves by moving on to win her over. And then everything gets more complicated. Based on our paintings by Brian Lee O’Malley. Scott Pilgrim: The Series airs November 17 on Netflix.

Samurai de Olhos Azuis

Coming to Netflix in November 2023, DROP-01 has unveiled the highly anticipated Blue Eye Samurai teaser trailer. Michael Green (Logan, Blade Runner 2049) and Amber Noizumi are the two directors and showrunners for the next series.

Captain Laserhawk: Blood Dragon Remix

“Video tape with lasers, video games and a killer frog! It’s time to join the revolution with Dolph Laserhawk and free the child of Eden!

From Adi Shankar, Captain Laserhawk is a collaboration between Netflix and video game developer Ubisoft as a ’90s love card. Check it out on Netflix on October 19th.

Devil May Cry

Netflix has officially announced that an anime adaptation of Adi Shankar’s Devil May Cry is in development.

The anime is produced by Korean animation studios Mir and Shankar Animation Studio.

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