Next is Christopher Nolan’s film debut.

On the occasion of the publication Oppenheimertwelfth film Christopher Nolan – former director Interstellar (2014) Origin (2010) Dunkirk (2017) – will be released in theaters next (1998), the work that commemorated himfilm debut. A unique opportunity to relive the point from which it all began. The beginning of a career full of great satisfaction and applause from film critics and the public. next is the first steps of one of the most beloved and discussed directors recent years. Let’s find out together.

From next To Oppenheimerchase the dream!

Christopher Nolan,

It can be hard for the public to imaginecareer dawn which today looks more than bright. It is often surprising to find that the idols of the Seventh Art had more than humble and ordinary beginnings. Young directors who dream of one day reading their name in the credits in a movie theater have to face the harsh reality: the profession (and dream) they have chosen is very difficult, not impossible, but difficult!

Produce, shoot something personalto begin to approach cinematographic practice in one way or another becomes almost a dogma for young directors and young women directors. The great Steven Spielberg spoke about it amazingly, elegantly and poetically in his latest film: Fabelmans (2022), where the young protagonist Sammy Fabelmans (Gabriel LaBelle) makes short films with improvised means and with what is at home, from an early age.

The same goes for the Anglo-American director Christopher Nolan, who since childhood, he has been making short films using his father’s Super8 camera. act, and as an adult, move on to more articulated and well-constructed short films, including scribble (1997) and Tarantella (1989). Just one year after the release trifleNolan manages to write and produce his first feature film: next. The film hides all the trappings that are found in its subsequent films – just think of the mysterious ending. Origin (2010) or, most surprising of all, Prestige (2006).

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that a co-star next and the character being played Leonardo DiCaprio V Origin they have a common name. There is certainly some connection between the two that goes beyond Nolan’s simple self-quoting. next have one as the main character writer (Jeremy Theobald), who is looking for inspiration for her new novel by following the characters that inhabit the streets of London. And then he meets a young thief, Cobb (Alex Hock), which will charm him with his course of action. Two lives intertwinedupsetting each other.

Christopher Nolan,

Over 70 minutes duration next it is built final turn, loved by Nolan, one that flips the point of view of the story, as well as a viewer who gets banned for non-linear and circular structure a plot full of elements spy story AND crime story.

Subject theft found in Christopher Nolan: if in Prestige we saw how two skillful magicians do everything to reveal each other’s tricks and secrets, in Origin stealing and implanting ideas into people’s subconscious was a practice usually carried out by protagonists. So in next, Nolan shakes hands on the subjectusing it to develop and weave the stories it brings to the big screen.

How to start making movies? Make a virtue of necessity

Christopher Nolan,

We know getting started is never easy. All directors and women directors basically started with short films of own productionmade with the means at their disposal. Friends and relatives sit in front of the screen, homemade cameras and film cameras are used. Summing up, the secret is to adapt and make necessity a virtue! This Christopher Nolan he understood it very well immediately. For nextNolan adapted his ideas and the story he envisioned to suit the context and his abilities, choosing few seats and few actors.

Nolan had to rehearse scenes with actors over and over again before filming them so they could be played on set. maximum two takes per stage (The film was bought by Nolan himself with his salary, and he could not waste it!). The result is youA film that manages to hold the viewer’s attentionoffering themes and questions that the director, given higher budgets, developed and articulated beyond his small initial capacity.

Why see next?

Christopher Nolan,

All the first works – even the works of the great masters of cinema, modern and not only – contain errors that the authors themselves are well aware of. In terms of a debut film, one has to admire the enterprise, the kind of what could be a young promise. next disapproved by one direction and from one rhythm which perhaps today we dare to define very old. Understandably, Christopher Nolan has come a long way since that first attempt. It was in this first job that he had the opportunity in the following years to earn numerous opportunities (and not only in terms of budget) to bring his own vision of the world to the screen.

Where the projector goes out, debates begin and all theories are born about what has just been seen. Bye Imperfect, next there are some good ideas. So we warmly invite you to rediscover, revisit, fall in love (who knows!) with this film. Consider it like movie that actually chases you: our advice is not to lengthen the distance, but to eliminate it. Allow yourself to be amazed, deceived. You end up asking yourself new questions, just like Christopher Nolan would have liked.

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