Neymar can happen to Messi and CR7 as the best in the world


The Spanish coach Unai Emery considers that the brazilian Neymar Junior, which he directed in his first season at Paris Saint Germain, you can “take the relay” of the argentine Leo Messi and the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and become “the best” player in the world.

“The year that I spent with him was great, I learned a lot of answers of their own in every training and in the matches. Neymar has soccer within, but also the faculties, and the conditions to run it. I think that is before the opportunity to take over from Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to be the best player in the world, and have time to do it,” he explained.

During a chat with the coach of Granada, Diego Martinez, who was his assistant at Sevilla, Emery did not hesitate to qualify the historic comeback of Barça to their PSG (6-1) in the round of the knockout stages of the Champions League, as his “worst moment” as a coach.

“Of that party would change the referee,” the coach said vasco, who reviewed the performance of the referee German Deniz Aytekin, who, in their judgment, hurt “clearly” to your computer.

“There are many details in the game that you can reel off. But if I start from the end, change the referee and is already. The match I saw him again the other day repeated because I picked it up by zapping. What I saw from minute 50 to 82. We were 3-0, we scored the 3-1, and we had a hand-to-hand of Cavani, who takes the goalkeeper to make it 3-2; a penalty very clear to Di Maria that not pit; and in the minute 82 did Di Maria Neymar a lack that was the goal. There I stopped to see.

“In that section of the game I saw that an important player for us, that they had problems during the week, it was hiding in the result. Maybe now I will change it. Are details, circumstances in which you miss the party. And then there are other circumstances key: the players of Barcelona, especially, Suarez, to be cast within the area are continually pressured by both the referee until he fell into the trap,” he lamented.

For Emery, the argentine Leo Messi is “the best” footballer of the time, although he recalled that he grew up with Roberto López Ufarte and the double title of League champion won the Royal Society: “The small devil was awesome”.

Asked by the greatest talent which he directed, the technical basque did not hide: “The greatest talent Neymar; then as the captain would say Rakitic; and as a catalyst for a costume I’ll stick with Koke”.