NFL 2023 Preview: Las Vegas Raiders

First year of Las Vegas Raiders Patriots “disappointed, both in the final record (6-11) and in the team’s highly variable performances. General manager Dave Ziegler and head coach Josh McDaniels apparently convinced owner Mark Davis that the workforce was primarily to blame. Davis chose the path of patience, giving the pair carte blanche to once again revolutionize the roster.. Last season, Ziegler and the McDaniels chose to tiptoe key players Max Crosby, Derek Carr and Hunter Renfrow’s contract renewals immediately and Darren Waller closer to the start of the regular season while #83 was recovering from a hamstring injury.

The investment did not pay off and the team had to go without Waller for a long time (9 games, 28 receptions for 388 yards and 3 TDs) and Renfrow (10 games, 36 receptions for 330 yards and 2 TDs) and season finale decided to finally unplug and close the chapter of Derek Carr (15 games, 305/502, 60.8% completion rate, for 3,522 yards, 24 TDs and 14 INTs).


After trying to trade Derek Carr, QB, who, despite so much criticism, provided stability behind the center for nine seasons, management was forced to cut it before the guarantee on his contract went into effect and the first choice to replace him seemed to be the old lion Tom Brady, who, however, decided to hang up his helmet (perhaps) forever. Many fans, and even Davante Adams, hoped that Aaron Rodgers would come, but Ziegler and the McDaniels chose an old acquaintance, former Patriots and 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Considering Garoppolo was recovering from injury and his notorious inability to stay away from the infirmary, the revelation that his launch press conference had been postponed caused a lot of concern among fans. QB failed his treatment and the silver and black doctors believed he needed surgery that it will keep him at least until training camp starts. To protect themselves, the Raiders included in Garoppolo’s contract, Schedule G, a clause that allows the team to cut costs and not pay Garoppolo if he sustains further injuries to his left leg. The item will be void if QB is still in the Black/Silver roster two days after the team’s last game of the 2023 season.

However, the Raiders were confident that the operation would quickly get Garoppolo back on track, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief when #10 passed his physical the night before training camp and was on the field with his teammates from day one. The QB department is staffed by retired old fox Brian Hoyer and newcomer Aidan “Moustached” O’Connell of Purdue.

Despite the many words of respect that McDaniels expressed to Darren Waller, the team decided to continue with him. After declining – according to some insiders – a second-round pick by the Green Bay Packers in 2022, The Raiders sent TE to New York, accepting a third-round pick from the Giants.. Foster Moreau could also have gone elsewhere, and registered rookies Michael Meyer of Notre Dame from the Draft arrived, along with Austin Hooper and O.J. Howard of Free Agency.

The situation of RB Josh Jacobs should also be clarified., rushing to the leaders in 2022, with which the black and silver could not find a multi-year agreement. Jacobs is under franchise but has yet to sign a roughly 10 million year contract and is not currently training with the team. For now, his absence does not put him at risk of fines as he is not under contract, but if he decides not to appear at the start of the regular season, he will be forfeited a portion of that amount for each missed game. The two sides won’t be able to negotiate a multi-year deal until the end of the 2023 season under NFL rules, but it’s possible the Raiders will do what the Giants did with Sakwon Barkley by offering RB a one-year deal that earns him some pocket money. , more than the “Franchise” tag gives.

The WR department has undergone a revolution, leaving only star Davante Adams, an unknown Hunter Renfroe and supporters Keelan Cole Sr., DJ Turner and Chris Lacy. Promising former patriots came from the Free Agency. – but look at this – Jacobi Meyers and DeAndre Carter, Philip Dorsett, Cam Sims and Christian Wilkerson. Finally, speedster Tre Tucker from Cincinnati was selected by the draft. Of those 11, there will only be room for 5 or a maximum of 6 players on the roster of 53, so there will be a lot of competition during training camp and pre-season.

The line of attack has not changed much., and most of the 2022 starters are also up for this season. The track was well locked down for racing last year but suffered a lot in the air at times. In general, no one would expect anything from an unlikely group of supporting actors, so the coaching staff hopes that after a year of joint participation in the program, the situation may improve.. LT Colton Miller is out of the question, Dylan Parham will be confirmed as LG after working during the off-season to increase lower body power, C Andre James will still be in charge of starting the entire offensive game, and RT Jermaine Elumunor is ahead of the competition, which will be confirmed at outside. If Thayer Munford Jr., Brandon Parker or newcomer Dalton Wagner supplant the Englishman as RT, then Eluemunor could move inside as RG. Watch the development of giant McClendon Curtis (6-6 at 325 pounds), an undrafted rookie from little Tennessee-Chattanooga.


Last year Patrick Graham kept the job despite the fact that his department was leaking everywhere.. At the end of the year, the Raiders ranked 25th in the NFL in average passing yards allowed per opposition offense (7), 29th in total passing yards allowed (4,129), 21st in average passing yards allowed per opponent. passing yard (4.5), 19th in rushing yards allowed. (2087), 26th in percentage of third downs converted by opponents (41.75%). Despite the presence of Max Crosby (12.5 bags) Raiders rarely managed to steal bags (27 in total), even in a season to match Chandler Jones’ 2022 prize money (4.5 sacks). Graham is still at the helm because the Black and Silvers are convinced he didn’t have the right lineup to develop his game and for that reason the defense department has been revolutionized at all levels.

Six of the nine draft picks in 2023 were spent on defensemen. In the first round, DE Tyree Wilson of Texas Tech was selected., in the third round of DT Byron Young of Alabama and in the seventh round of DT Nesta Jade Silvera of Arizona State to strengthen the line. CB Jakorian Bennett of Maryland was taken in the fourth round and S Christopher Smith II of Georgia was taken in the fifth. LB Amari Bernie of Florida was selected in the sixth round.

At Free Agency, the Raiders dropped fan favorite L.B. Denzel Perryman and replaced him with former Steelers Robert Spillane. It will be interesting to see if Divine Deablo can live up to the expectations of the coaching staff and if the 2022 Surprise Luke Masterson can make the quantum leap that will allow him to compete for a place in the roster again. this year.

The minor player is the biggest question mark for the team, especially as a defender.. In addition to rookie Jakorian Bennett, veteran Marcus Peters, former Bears and Vikings Duke Shelley, former Rams David Long, and Brandon Faceison returned to Free Agency after a year with the Colts. Who will start outside? In the CB slot, it might look like Nate Hobbs is ahead of Tyler Hall. Rounding out the 90-man line-up for training camp and preseason are last season’s teammates Amick Robertson and Sam Webb, former practice squad players Ike Brown and Bryce Cosby, and underrated UCLA rookie Azizi Hearn.

The Department of Safety sees former Eagles Marcus Epps taking over from Duron Harmon. The coaching staff still seems to have faith in Tre’von Meurig., a second-round pick in 2021 and returning from a low-key season also due to some injuries after a positive rookie year. Mehrig will have to learn to play more for the ball and at the same time make a quantum leap in both coverage and against runs. Rookie Chris Smith II will do anything to speak his mind in his first year in the league; he’s from a team that has won back-to-back national championships and will be on a team much less accustomed to winning. Former Bills Jaquan Johnson joins confirmed Isaiah Pola-Mao and Roderick “Special” Timer, as well as undrafted rookie Jadon Grant, to create competition during camp.

Unless the defense makes a big leap in quality in their second year under Graham, the Raiders are unlikely to be competitive.


Pro Bowl player AJ Cole and kicker Daniel Carlson are among the league’s top specialists. The Raiders decided to cut the able LS Trent Sieg and hired former Broncos Jacob Bobenmoyer.. Bobenmoyer is a valid LS, but doubt remains that this was the right move to separate the close-knit Three Musketeers.

Who will play the roles of striker and striker? Last year, Amir Abdullah was the top responder, with Keelan Cole and Hunter Renfroe sharing punt duties. We’ll just have to wait and see if the coaching staff are willing to try something different, like bringing in rookie Tre Tucker, who already has some college comeback experience.


Being a brilliant assistant coach is no guarantee of success as a head coach, and Josh McDaniels is proof of that.. His first experience as a head coach in Denver was not a success, and his start in Las Vegas was certainly not one for naysayers to change their minds. On paper, the coaching staff of the Raiders is listed, but you can only wait and wait, getting burned in 2022. One of the main things to keep an eye on will be the ability of coaches to adapt to game situations, which is too often missing in 2022. Of course, the Raiders can’t afford to be rebuilt and overtaken as often as they did last year.

Expected record: 9-8

The AFC West is a competitive division with many level players and, above all, dangerous QBs such as Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert. Can Russell Wilson bounce back under Sean Payton? Some time ago, Black-Silver fans understandably ran out of patience, but the owners chose to believe that it was possible to build a team that could be competitive in the long run and could be self-sustaining. There is no absolute certainty that this hope will come true, however, if not, we will have to face another revolution… and then we can hope.

Offenses – 7

Protection – 6

Coaching staff – 5.5


The patience of the fans of the “Raiders” has long snapped, there is hope that something good will happen next season.

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