NFL: Nick Chubb breaks knee in NFL: The gruesome injury they dare not show in America

Nick Chubbrunning back cleveland brownssuffered Severely injured knee (twisted and crushed) back bumping into minkah fitpatrick in an NFL game his team ultimately lost. 26-22 Before pittsburg steelers.

The injury occurred when Minkah Fitzpatrick stopped Nick Chubb, who signed a three-year, $36 million contract with the Browns, at the end of a 5-yard run early in the second quarter.

at the moment of impact Chubb’s left leg was bent, and the Browns player remained on the ground with an expression of obvious pain..

Chubb received several minutes of treatment on the court His companions gathered to pray for him.

The network decided not to replay Chubb’s knee injury, saying it was too violent.

The injuries were so shocking, ESPN network refused to air reruns of the show, saying it was too violentbut this could be seen repeated at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, causing great panic among the public.

LeBron James and other sports stars expressed concern about Chubb’s injury on social networks.

Nick Chubb likely to miss season with serious knee injury

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski said after the game that the knee injury is “serious” and Nick Chubb is expected to miss the season.

Chubb’s same knee had been seriously injured.

Nick Chubb suffered a serious injury to the same knee in 2015 while playing at the University of Georgia (dislocating and tearing three ligaments).

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