NGO registers 10 more wolves showing symptoms of bird flu, fearing spread of disease

Following the Uruguay Ministry of Livestock’s confirmation of the first case of bird flu in a sea lion, the non-governmental organization SOS Rescate Fauna Marina reported on Wednesday that it had received 10 notifications in the past 24 hours of sea lions and fur seals showing symptoms of the disease.

Richard Tesore, the group’s director, told the Observer newspaper: “Across the coast from Montevideo to Rocha, 10 animals have shown symptoms, including sea lions and fur seals.”

Generally speaking, yes Workers from the municipality responsible for cleaning up the beach call Tesore, whose number is open 24 hours a day Handles incidents related to animals that inhabit water.

The individuals reported that the animals suffered from neurological problems, inactivity, nasal discharge, and, primarily, tremors. Some of them had seizures.

The situation has Tesore “concerned” in case the bird flu ends up on Robles Island, South America’s largest mammal sanctuary.

“It’s a zoonotic disease that can be transmitted to both dogs and humans. It has a high mortality rate, but it is very difficult to transmit to humans,” he warned.

Ministry of Animal Husbandry warns

In recent days, the ministry has urged people not to come into contact with the animals after Argentina recorded the deaths of dozens of bird flu samples.

“People and their pets should avoid approach and contact with dead animals,” National Aquatic Resources Director Jamie Coronel recently tweeted. He also asked that vehicles be avoided driving through the area around the animal in case it is found dead on the shore.

With the confirmed case in Uruguay, it is the first time a virus variant with these characteristics has been found in the country.

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