Nicki Nicole and an unexpected confession about La Mona Jiménez: “Everything can be done”

The artist Nicki nicole released his new album, Part of me, and will make a world tour made up of 30 countries. However, before it, he will perform in Córdoba and that is why he spoke with a local media and even encouraged acknowledge your admiration for Carlos “La Mona” Jiménez. Making an unexpected confession, one of the most listened to singers in Argentina launched: “Capaz can do everything.”

“I would meet La Mona Jiménez and take a fernet with him. Capable of doing everything,” he launched. Nicki nicole, making it clear that his ideal would be have a meeting with “El Mandamás” and share the best-known drink in the province of La Docta. At the same time, he also praised Rodrigo “El Potro” Bueno and his brother and singer, Ulises: “His music has incredible energy. They are people who without realizing it you consume them since you were a child, even if you don’t know them. Their voices fit you. “

Nahuel Pennisi spoke of Nicki Nicole and surprised everyone: “She is very particular”

In the 22nd delivery of the Latin Grammy, one of the Argentine artists who arrived in Las Vegas as a national representative was Nahuel Pennisi. The singer exchanged words with other colleagues and was happy to be able to form this important party for him.

Consulted by People, Nahuel Pennisi assured: “The Latin Grammys mean a lot to me. I think it’s a giant Latin music party and the truth is that being here is a great joy. Representing Argentina with so many new exponents that we have, we are waiting for the best to happen! I take this opportunity to enjoy, meet and greet colleagues and friends “.

On the other hand, and surprising everyone, Nahuel Pennisi had no problem being asked about the music proposed by his colleagues Maria Becerra and Nicki Nicole, totally different from what he proclaims on stage: “It is a style that I am learning to know and enjoy. I like many things about this new music. I think that María Becerra has a very great power with her songs and Nicki Nicole, is very versatile, has a very particular voice, very beautiful. It’s great that they have a place in music. He is putting together something nice that has a very good present and I imagine a greater future “.

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