Nicolas Bedos, lodger: His new tackle against the government!


On social networks, Nicolas Bedos shared a publication that points the finger at the government in its management of the health crisis.

When Nicolas Bedos has something to say, he doesn’t hesitate to do it! And once is not customary, the actor shows himself without pity towards the government of which he does not taste the management of the health crisis.

On September 24 already, Guy Bedos’ son raised a strong controversy by strongly contesting the decisions of the State concerning the barrier gestures. ” Stop everything. EVERYTHING. The masks. The confinements. Live thoroughly, get sick, go to the restaurant, yell at the cops, contradict your bosses and cowardly government directives … We must now live, even if it means dying “, blurted- he via his Instagram account.

Rebelote on November 1, the 41-year-old comedian had pointed out the inconsistency around the closing of certain businesses. ” We are angry that bookstores are closed while Fnac remains open. Suddenly … they are closing the book section of Fnac!” he apologized on Twitter. And to conclude: “That way there will be no jealousy … and more books. It’s so great it’s stupid ” he annoyed.

Lately, the comedian and director have put a layer back by mocking the delay taken by France compared to the rest of the world concerning the anti-Covid vaccination. On a graph relayed by the artist, we see that France is in good last place with only 138 doses administered as of December 31, 2020. By comparison, Italy is at 14 334 and the United Kingdom at 800 000. In addition to this graphic, we can read a caustic disillusioned comment: ” hahahaha they will not have spared us anything “.