Nicolás Tivani stayed with the fifth stage at Cutral Co

After two days in Zapala, the Vuelta al Valle arrived today at Cutral Co for the fifth stage of the traditional cycling competition. In another day of intense heat, the tour of 130 kilometers the only lap was marked by complications and the victory went to Nicolás Tivani.

The JC Competition took revenge for what happened in the second stage, when he was disqualified after arriving first. Today the podium was completed by Darío Álvarez from SEP San Juan and Laureano Rosas from Electro 3, who is the new leader of the general.

In the first section, a badly parked car crossed the road and the squad had to brake. Miraculously, an accident did not occur and it is believed that the person driving the vehicle was unaware of the competition. He stayed in the middle of the road, with almost no room to pass.

A group of escapees continued and pulled away. After a few minutes they also stopped for the platoon to catch up with them. Fortunately, there were no accidents.

The sports commissioners resolved that all the cyclists should be re-aligned so that the escapees leave again and 45 seconds later the platoon does.

The five escapees are: Darío Álvarez (SEP San Juan), Carlos Parra (Metaltej), Higinio Daniel Lucero (Shania), Nicolás Arachichu (Club Ciclista de Uruguay) and Pablo Brun (City of Pehuajó).

A group of the peloton returned to the start due to the lack of guarantees. The delegates decided that the race should continue but some athletes do not want it to continue. After several meetings and with an hour delay, the test was resumed.

The escapees took advantage of the first flying goal that Darío Álvarez (SEP) won. Second was Higinio Daniel Lucero (Shania) and third Carlos Parra (Metaltej). The leader in this area continues to be Leandro Velardez (SEP).

Once the flying goal is defined, the escape dissolved and the platoon was united again passing half the total route. The wind, which gave a break in the previous stage, struck again today.

In the second section, back towards Cutral Co, they fled: Leandro Velardez (SEP), Darío Álvarez (SEP); Alejandro Quilci (JC Competition), Federico López (Shania), Leonardo Cobarrubia (SEP), Daniel Juárez (JC Competition), Juan Sosa (Shania) and Roberto María (JC Competition).

The impression near the closing was that the victory was going to be between SEP and JC. Laureano Rosas (Electro 3) and Nicolás Tivani (JC Competition) they joined the group of leaders near the end and starred in the outcome with a triumph for the San Juan in a time of 2h14m08s.

Tomorrow he will race again in Cutral Co, in another 130-kilometer stage starting at 2:00 p.m., with two flyers meta. After a day of controversy and adversity, all the participants hope that today will not be repeated.

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