Nicole Kidman, amazing statement about ex-husband Tom Cruise and parenting: “I was hurt”

Nicole Kidman is one of the most famous actresses in the world, but when it comes to her personal life, she prefers to keep it away from prying eyes.

However, there has always been an interest in the star’s relationship, and her marriage to Tom Cruise between 1990 and 2001 was heavily publicized. In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the Hollywood star expressed her opinion about the way the press assaulted her then.

“I was young. Do I think I offered it? ‘, confessed Nicole Kidman laughing.

“I may have become a little more awful, but I always try to be as open as possible. I’d rather live like this in the world… Sometimes I’m cautious and hurt, but at the same time I’d rather have a warm approach than a closed, stinging approach. My husband, Keith, says that when he met me, he said, “How is your heart?” And apparently I said, “Open it.”, the actress continued.

In the interview, the Big Little Lies star also opened about her role as a parent. The actress is a devoted mother of four children. Along with Tom Cruise he has Bella (28 years old) and Connor (26 years old). With her current husband Keith Urban, she has Sunday (13 years old) and Faith (10 years old).

“I do not have an active social life. I have my job, I have my family, I have my own interior landscape that I explore. I probably choose this more than I choose to go to a party. ‘, she said.

Regarding her strong relationship with Keith, she added: “We are constantly working on it, but our relationship is very much based on love, so there is an enormous amount to offer and take. I want him to have the best life he can have and he answers the same way. We really like being parents. ‘

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The actress spent most of the pandemic at home in Australia, where she spent several months filming Nine Perfect Strangers. The star loves to be there, because she is close to her mother Janelle and sister Antonia, who helps Nicole and Keith take care of the children when they work.

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