Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise: who is Bella’s daughter, a rare photo

The daughter of two iconic Hollywood stars, who is Bella Kidman Cruise: a rare photo peeks out from her Instagram profile.

December 24, 1990 two iconic Hollywood actors, some of the most famous and beloved, are getting married. It’s none other than Tom Cruise, the action wizard, and Nicole Kidman, the ethereal brown-haired beauty. The beginning of a fairy tale? Not quite, as ten years after they got married, they announce their divorce.

Maybe not everyone knows this, but what was considered one of the “golden” couples of the American art scene before breaking up, he adopted two children: Connor and Isabella. The latter, who seems to be very close to her father, has an Instagram profile with over fifty thousand followers, where, however, her photo is rarely found.

For this reason, a selfie that looked out some time ago caused some attention and curiosity. What does Bella do in life, where does she live, what does she do? And what is the relationship between her and her famous parents?

Tom Cruise and Nicol Kidman: Marriage, Scientology and Children

two actors they meet for the first time, it seems, on the set. In fact, we remember them together in “Giorni di Tuono”. Perhaps love at first sight, which in just a few months turns them into one of the most adored and talked about couples in Hollywood. We are in 1989, and just a year later the wedding is celebrated. The first for her and the second for the actor, although both Nicole and Tom would later remarry, with Keith Urban on her, with Katie Holmes on him.

The story of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise: from filming to divorce (photo by ansa) –

There the ceremony in which they are united as husband and wife appears to have followed a Scientology ritual, whose cult Cruz is one of its most loyal and iconic followers and members. Then comes Bella and Connor’s adoption, a second Rebel Hearts film together, and then a third, Eyes Wide Shut, shortly before the breakup.

Hollywood golden couple ten years later and on the verge of two thousand, he gets divorced and announces a divorce. The rest is history. The actress then met and married a singer-songwriter, with whom she had two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, born by artificial insemination and surrogate mother, respectively. Cruz, on the other hand, marries Katie Holmes, who makes him the father of Suri, before the subsequent divorce.

As for Bella and Connor, it seems like they were entrusted to their mother from the very beginning. Later, however, it seems that both decided to stay with their father and became part of his own cult. Bella herself, when she got married, would have done it according to the Scientology ritual. It was she who always turned out to be very close to her father, aroused great curiosity, as well as a certain “halo of mystery.”

Bella Kidman Cruz: who is she and what does she do

Bella was born in 1992. That same year, she was adopted by Cruise and Kidman. Therefore, she was about eight years old when her very famous parents divorced, and she, along with Connor, adopted in 1995, was entrusted to her mother. However, his relationship with Tom Cruise seems so strong that some time later she prefers to live with him and follow the same cult.

A young woman now in her thirties seems to always great passion for art and choosing this path in life. As can be seen from his Instagram profile, which is a gallery of sorts that features his work. For now, Bella is expected to reside in London with her husband, Max Parker.

Two they married in 2015 in the same Scientology ceremony. In fact, it seems that Bella is also a faithful adept, just like her father. It’s a cult that’s been gaining media attention for years and seems to be backed by several stars. Which, however, did not do Nicole Kidman. Which, recall, was absent from the wedding of his son Connor, celebrated in 2021.

Who is and what does Bella, daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (credits to Instagram@bellakidmancruise) –

What the ultimate relationship between Bella (and Connor) and mother is, we will probably never know in detail. However, it is certain that Bella has always been very secretive about her “image”. Her official Instagram profile is full of art, but footage of her is rare. For this reason, a selfie that appeared some time ago immediately attracted the attention of the public.

Red hair and cheeky haircut, pretty face, big eyes and full lips: Bella really looks like the little girl in the frame in question and is definitely endowed with a lot of charm!

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